Vancouver Stalking Incident Prompts Coffee Shop To Offer Safe Space

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After a recent incident went viral of someone who had been allegedly stalking a woman around the Vancouver region, a larger discussion is taking place about safety now. Some women don’t feel safe walking home at night, especially after hearing recent stories about one woman or another who went missing in the B.C. region. Now, one coffee shop has responded in offering up a safe space for those who might need it.

Harken Coffee in Vancouver has recently announced that they would offer their cafe as a safe space to anyone that feels threatened in the region.

To those in the region that might feel unsafe or that they are being followed, they are invited to come and use the coffee shop as a safe spot. This was a message that was posted to the social media account of the coffee shop recently. It shows that there are many in the community who want to show support for this issue and do what they can to provide a solution to the problem.

Recently, a woman was walking around the Vancouver region and she thought that a man was allegedly following her. She started to record the video, in the video you can see someone following behind her in the same direction, and that video later went viral. It’s also reported that other victims have now also come forward with stories of their own about allegedly being followed or feeling unsafe etc. As well, the police have allegedly identified the man in the video, but the stalking victim has said that this might not be the same man who had followed her on that day.

Authorities in the region have cautioned anyone to report any incident about feeling threatened, unsafe, or like they are in a similar situation of being stalked etc.

The police have said that they managed to identify the person of interest which didn’t take them very long after the video went viral. However, according to media reports the victim didn’t recognize the photos that were shown to her by police. This has caused her to believe that it might not be the same person.

The victim says that she is now worried about any individuals who might not let their guard down because they think the threat has been diminished, with the individual who is in custody. She has warned the public that she still thinks people should be vigilant, keep their eyes and ears open.

This isn’t the first incident that has made headlines about women being stalked or harassed in the downtown Vancouver region. There have also been stories circling recently about several women that have gone missing from B.C. and their bodies haven’t been recovered yet. This has caused some to question if women are safe or what they might be able to do to help boost their own safety while going from day to day. This has been a reality check for many and a wake up call to stay vigilant, especially when out walking the streets at night or early in the morning.

After it was reported that the woman had allegedly been stalked, with the video going viral, the police quickly launched an investigation and it didn’t take long for it to be reported that they had someone in custody. The video clearly shows someone walking behind her and they are wearing a mask. Now that her story has been shared it has inspired others to come forward with their own tales. Thankfully for Coutts, she had video evidence to support her story, not everyone has that opportunity. This can help authorities to be able to better assess the situation and use what they can, if anything, to track down the individual.

The police investigation into the Vancouver stalking incident is still reportedly ongoing for now. It might go on to help some individuals to think twice about their surroundings, even if they are just out to check the mail or walk the dog, or just walking from their car into their home. It only takes a moment for something to happen.

Stories like these remind women and others to remain aware and pay attention to what they are doing, what’s happening all around them at all times. Not only has this cafe offered up a safe space but other solutions have also been shared. Some have even offered free self defense classes to women. It’s clear there is a lot of community support for this issue, people want to feel safe when out living their daily lives and Vancouver is generally a safe place to live.

The coffee shop offering that safe space in Vancouver as well, Harken Coffee, also said that they would help to contact authorities or a women’s shelter if needed.

They would also allow the individual to access the back door to get out if they felt threatened and wanted that help to escape. Or they could simply wait safely inside until someone else is able to come and pick them up safely. Anyone in trouble would be able to go into the cafe and use the ‘code order’ to get help.

Businesses like this that will open their doors to those in need and in a time of crisis can play a significant role to potentially save lives in our communities when things become unsafe.

Women have vanished from the downtown Vancouver region before and around other areas of BC. Just recently there have been several women who have been reported missing, from Port Coquitlam, Chilliwack, and other areas. Now this video of a woman in Vancouver being stalked isn’t helping.

The victim in the recent video of the Vancouver stalking incident showed that the woman had been followed for at least 40 minutes. It wasn’t until she managed to go up to a group and get help that the situation changed. This adds to reported assaults rising in the region. Not everyone is always fortunate enough to have their phone with them, or to be able to find someone for help.

Taking Personal Safety Seriously

The issue of personal safety is one that should always be at the forefront, and there are a variety of resources to access that can help. That might mean reporting threats, accessing a shelter, or taking some self defense classes etc. It’s easy to become forgetful and not pay attention to our surroundings and if this discussion can help any individuals to keep that safety in mind, it might go on to help save a life down the road. The Vancouver stalking incident should remind us that this can happen even in the downtown Vancouver region, even in broad daylight.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

Experts Share Safety Tips After Recent Vancouver Stalking Incident

As a part of some of those solutions now you can find a variety of experts sharing personal safety tips and more.

One personal protection officer has recommended a variety of personal safety tips like not allowing a potential predator to walk behind you, stepping to the side of the sidewalk and allowing them to pass but make eye contact as they pass. Being assertive, keeping focus on any potential threat, using a flashlight.

The biggest piece of advice some safety experts recommend? That might be knowing where you are at all times, and being fully aware of exit routs if they are needed. Rely on people, look to others that might be able to help, don’t be afraid to call out for help to others etc, and that there is safety in numbers.

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  1. This is a very sad reflection on our society but wonderful of the cafe for offering this help. There needs to be some sort of system in place by which all women can feel safe whatever time of day it is.


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