2021 BC Camping Reservations Need an Early Start

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Camping season is going to be ramping up soon and there are already reservations being made online for the camping season. We can expect that in the summer we might see more of an easing of COVID-19 restrictions. This might mean that finally more people feel comfortable with getting out and doing some travel.

Of course, camping and going with an RV for example is still a great way to stay distanced. For that reason we saw that RV sales and other campers last year exploded as more people looked for social distancing suitable travel options.

Spring is here and now people in BC have started making camping reservations. The reservations have recently been opened and you can already book within 2 months of your trip for some camping spots that are welcoming reservations now.

There are a variety of campgrounds that you can visit around the BC region. There are private and public campgrounds to access, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. There are some areas that you can camp for free if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money.

Reservations can be made in advance right now on the website for anyone who desires to plan a trip in the coming weeks ahead.

Find an open camping spot in BC

List of some BC Campgrounds:
Allison Lake Campground
Vetter Creek Campground
Bamberton Campground
Beatton Campground
Beaumont Campground
Big Bar Lake Campground
Birkenhead Campground
Boundary Creek Provincial Park and Campground
Bowron Lake Campground
Buckinghorse River Campground
Applebee Dome Campground
Boulder Campground
Carp Lake Campground
Balsam Island
War Lake Campground
Champion Lakes Campground
Flora Loop Camground
Radium Loop Campground
Chilliwack Lack Backcountry
Conkle Lake Campground
Crooked River Campground
Delta Grove Campground
Downing Campground
Dry Gulch Provincial Campground

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

These are just some of the camping spots that you can find in the BC region, there are a variety of others as well. Some of those camping spots are already going to be filling up fast for the season as there are many who love camping around BC and who come from other areas of the country, and international regions, to camp around B.C. and explore all that beautiful BC has to offer.

There are hundreds of provincial parks to find and a variety of different camping spots that would make the perfect setting for a summer camping trip in British Columbia.

There are millions of households in North America that love camping and B.C. has many great camping spots to consider. There has been so much support for the camping industry in B.C. that surveys have found that there is significant support from the public for B.C. parks getting more funding.

People love getting outdoors and going hiking or camping and they want to know that B.C. is funding these activities, putting enough resources into keeping up those parks and services.

Those surveys have also found that people are more likely to go out and enjoy the parks in B.C. now since COVID-19 struck. They want something different after being stuck at home during the lockdown for months.

If you aren’t interested in going camping and somewhere overnight there are many other activities to engage in. There are great things to see, many lakes and rivers to enjoy, and picnic areas. From having a picnic by the ocean to playing volleyball on the beach with close friends, this summer is expected to look much different than last summer did for many.

Now that outdoor gathering restrictions have changed, and more expected to come soon to the religious services and other services, we might see a more normal summer in 2021 now than we saw last year. It cannot come soon enough for many, especially those who have businesses that are still struggling.

Photo by Zack Melhus on Pexels.com

How do you make reservations for camping in BC?

They’ve made it easy with a variety of resources to help you find the right camping spot and book it well in advance. Advanced reservations are already being opened up for camping locations not only in the B.C. region but in other areas of North America too. Camping season is coming soon and campers are already rushing to book their B.C. campsite before they get filled up.

Expecting a Busy B.C. Camping Season for 2021

BC Parks Discover Camping is open now for the reservation service. They are expecting that this is going to be a very busy camping season ahead. Camping can provide for a safe outdoor activity for those who want to stay distanced and just stay with their own circles. There is also the option to rent an RV as well and stay distanced while on the road or camping in that fashion.

Have A Backup Ready For Your Camping Plans

It is recommended that those who are interested in going camping in BC this year have a backup option ready. There is a lot of demand for the campgrounds in BC and they might fill up quickly. If you do not get the place that you want then it might pay to have several campground options ready in the B.C. region that you are open to.

BC Locals Booking First for 2021 Camping Season

British Columbians are supposed to be given priority for this upcoming 2021 camping season but that’s reportedly going to depend on an honor system. They will need to attest and confirm that they’re a resident of BC from the landing page, before going on to make their camping reservations.

Based on that system, who knows if that is going to work 100 percent efficiently. This is because you don’t need to provide verification to prove residency. By clicking the button on the landing page to indicate you are from BC it isn’t clear how many might be coming from out-of-province to do their camping.

We might see many Canadians coming from outside of BC to camp, even though it’s still discouraged to travel between provinces or outside of your own region. Because of COVID-19 they want to keep those camping sites reserved for BC residents first if they can but that could change before summer arrives.

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

COVID-19 Camping Changes in BC

There are likely to be a variety of new restrictions at these campgrounds, such as limited reservations or distancing measure because of COVID-19. Considering this then it might be valuable to look up their social media accounts, websites, and see what if any updates they’ve made about the upcoming camping season.

If you are thinking about going camping this summer then you should already be planning and looking at parks. Take a look at the website and get an idea of what park you might want to go to, what campground you might want to make a reservation at.

Be prepared to have more than one option in case that first option fills up. It could easily happen. You don’t want to be left with nothing and there are many great campgrounds to choose from. There has been issues in the past with the websites used to book those campgrounds but if you remain patient and come back to it and give it a try, it should help you to set up your BC camping plans for this summer. Many have already been able to successfully use the campground reservation tool to book for the coming months ahead.

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