When will Casinos in BC Be Allowed to Open?

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Last year casinos around BC were closed because of the pandemic and they have been closed for months. It isn’t clear when they might be given the green light to fully open yet and one BC mayor is asking now when that might be.

This meant that casinos around BC were going to see a dramatic drop in their revenue and they couldn’t have known that it would be several months that the lockdown would go on.

Right now operators of casinos in the BC region are not sure when they might be able to reopen just yet. The timeline isn’t clear and that has left some wondering how much longer it might be before things start to change.

Now that they have been closed for more than a year those casinos can’t help but wonder where the light at the end of the road might be. When are things going to turn around? There are many things still unclear about the BC reopening. Despite talk of a new normal coming about and things going according to plan, there are still many aspects that haven’t been sorted out.

We aren’t sure when international travel will resume, when the border will open, when more services will go back to normal, when capacity limitations or masks might be reduced. We don’t even know what the requirements are to signal that we are at the level to consider making those moves. It is the uncertainty that has some uneasy and questioning, wanting answers of what the road ahead looks like.

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The BC Reopening

Already, changes have been made to outdoor gatherings and other activities since the closure last year. But there are a variety of restrictions still in place, and non-essential travel discouraged. It is still recommended that people stay close to home, avoid non-essential travel, and stay within their close circles etc. But around the country and world we can see that things are changing. Lockdowns are being eliminated, along with COVID-19 related restrictions, and economies are starting to open up again.

It isn’t clear when the BC reopening might be fully realized, we could still see the same restrictions last for months this year. No indication has been made that there is certainty that they would be lifted this year, though optimism has been expressed.

We’ve been told that we might see a new normal in a few months from now but it isn’t clear what that is going to look like. Many celebrations and events could still be mostly virtual, rather than outdoor experiences like we’ve had in the past during the summer months.

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Waiting for BC casinos to open

BC casinos are just one business industry that are still waiting on answers and they want to know when things are going to return to more of a normal for them. When might people be able to go back to casinos and game like they used to? This is having a lasting impact on those communities, not only for the business but for the workers and their families as well.

There are thousands of employees at these casinos who have been unable to go back to work because those venues are still closed. One recent letter was sent to the Premier, on behalf of several mayors, questioning when BC might make a move to change the restrictions on the casino industry here. When can those casinos reopen? But there are other businesses also waiting to hear the same thing.

For now, patience has been urged as BC officials work safely to navigate us through the situation at this time.

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