Border Between Canada and U.S. Closed For More Than One Year Now

The Canadian border with the U.S. as been closed for more than one year now. Last year because of the pandemic we saw international travel changes come about around the world. All of a sudden non-essential travel was restricted.

Tourism plummeted in Vancouver and worldwide. This turned regions like Blaine, WA, into ghost towns instantly. And it was something that many business owners could’ve never factored into their plans, a potential pandemic. it means that in one close border city alone like Blaine that they will be seeing hundreds of thousands in decline for revenue.

Soon gas stations were giving away milk and other products that they couldn’t sell because nobody was coming through the town.

Property owners started to get worried when they couldn’t cross the border to check on their properties. People started meeting at parks nearby the border just so that they could spend some time with loved ones while being separated for so long.

The pandemic has devastated communities around the border and the world since it hit and many are left wondering when we might see a change. When will the border be open with the U.S. and Canada? Until it is there are many who are separated from family, friends, loved ones, and more.

There is a lot of uncertainty still surrounding the issue, though we’re told eventually we will see the border open once again.

It is an issue that has recently prompted some lawmakers to find out what they can about any potential plan on moving forward with an easing of restrictions at the border. We might not know exactly when to open yet, but what might the path look like to get there? Are we taking steps to get there? Recently, Canadian authorities suggested that we shouldn’t expect the border with the U.S. and Canada to open anytime soon. That we should exercise patience still in this matter.

We were told that the U.S. Canada border might be closed for one year several months ago and it has happened now, without any clear prospect of when it might reopen for more broad travel once again.

BC Officials have suggested that if things continue to go well that we might see some new normal in BC emerge by the summer perhaps, but it isn’t clear yet what that might mean as far as restrictions go.

Right now there are still several international travel restrictions in place for COVID-19 safety purposes, and that means that non-essential travel is restricted.

Until the border opens it will mean that businesses are going to continue to struggle to survive. From mail box services to hotels, restaurants, and other venues, they’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of those tourists on either side.

Business for some is down more than 70 percent and travel numbers in general have taken a steep decline.

When will the U.S. Canada border be open?

There are some, including U.S. lawmakers, who have been pushing for a potential summer opening at the border. But with more talk of a COVID-19 variant going around, things could take a turn in the other direction. It is uncertain when we might see a full reopening of the border and less restrictions on travel. For now it is recommended that Canadians practice patience on the matter and wait for more easing on those COVID-19 restrictions to take place.

Tens of thousands of Canadians might go down to Point Roberts or to do some shopping in Blaine on any given weekend. But since the border has been closed that has all changed. You didn’t find people going down any longer to do their grocery shopping or pick up packages, and that meant that those businesses were going to start feeling it.

Until the border closed places like Blaine had been up and coming, growing quickly but that was all going to suddenly change when the pandemic hit. They could not have known that the border would close for months, that it might b more than a year before they would see their usual amount of business again, if they ever did see that business again. If they made it through to see that business again.

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