What I Got When I Ordered Hi Five Chicken

Hi Five Chicken started back in 2016 and within a few years it has now grown to several locations. Around the lower mainland you can find H Five Chicken locations that offer 24 hour options when you are looking for fried chicken and other food. Before these restaurant options opened, there were no other similar options for fried chicken at night.

Sure, you had your usual 7 Eleven, Denny’s, or Church’s Chicken, but Hi Five Chicken is a bit different. It has made a vibe of its own in the Canadian chicken wars and this chain offers a variety of menu items besides just their delicious chicken.

Easy To Order Hi Five Chicken

One of the best things about Hi Five Chicken is that they’re open all night long and so when you get a craving late you can still place an order. They’ve partnered with third party delivery apps that make it easier than ever to place an order. You can also go to their site and look up information about ordering as well. They are always fast and there is always good food available. Though there are some hours when they aren’t serving fried chicken, so you will need to check with them on that before ordering.

If you want something besides the chicken then you can find other options here still. But the chicken is one of the best reasons to go there if you are looking for fried chicken in Burnaby or other areas of the lower mainland. Hi Five Chicken in Burnaby has some of the best fried chicken around, baked chicken as well, and other dishes.

You can access this 24 hour eatery and get dishes like mashed potatoes, corn, and more. It is convenient to order from this establishment and they’ve got reasonable prices too. This is one Canadian chicken chain that is doing great and seems to be growing quickly because of the number of stores there are now around the Vancouver region.

Finding something on the menu to eat here is easy if you like chicken and other delicious comfort foods. Hi Five Chicken is one of the places I recommend whenever someone is looking for a good chicken place to eat.

The Hi Five Chicken Menu

They’ve got some of the best chicken around, in my opinion, especially if you are looking for chicken tenders. But there are also fried or baked chicken options, spicy or regular. When you want a wrap or sandwich they’ve got you covered there also. They have many sides like corn, potato wedges, old school fries, or biscuits. You can go with a smokehouse BBQ sandwich, hot wings, ‘fiesta poppers’ (see image above), munchers, Mac and Cheese portions, deep fried pickles or ‘Delight Pickles’ on the menu, and more.

You will not go hungry when looking for something to eat and satisfy those cravings at Hi Five chicken in Burnaby or any other location around the Vancouver region. From start to finish when I placed my order I got the chicken delivered to my door within 35 minutes. The third party delivery app was quick and gave me the easy way of following the driver along to see how much longer it was going to be for the order.

There are a growing number of delivery apps available today in BC now like Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats on the market. These third party delivery apps can help you to order from Hi Five Chicken when you aren’t interested in getting dressed and going out on your own. Just download the app and place an order. There are always drivers around to get the order, depending on where you are, and you can access it just about all hours of the night.

Well into the late evening, you will find that they are still picking up and delivering from Hi Five Chicken. But when the apps aren’t delivering that is when you can also go right into the restaurant because they have that great 24 hour service time. They are ready to serve you and meet your cravings at any time during the day and that makes them one of the best places to check out. Not only that but they are a growing Canadian chicken chain too that has great food and good variety.

Experience ordering at Hi Five Chicken in Burnaby

I have always had great service too whenever I have been in a Hi Five Chicken location in BC, either ordering there to eat or taking it to go. The location is easy to get to in Burnaby, and it has never been so busy that I had to wait an annoying amount of time. The service has always been fast and seemed to be plenty of chicken ready and available to anyone who wanted it. The chicken is fresh, tastes great, and goes well with the side dishes that they have there.

It does not matter if you are craving some mashed potatoes, wedges, fries, corn, they have it all. They’ve got your biscuits and even some desserts for you if you want something like a chocolate brownie or apple pie when you are done eating your meal. The mac and cheese portions are like bites, which come in 5, 10, or 20 pcs, just like I used to get at the movie theater in town.

They’re a great little snack to go along with a movie or on game night, paired with ranch or ketchup. The deep fried pickles are also great with their ranch sauce.

These aren’t the only food options that they have, like I mentioned they have many choices on the Hi Five Chicken menu for you. The next time that you are looking for some good fried or baked chicken, or a good sandwich etc, check them out. If you haven’t had the time to yet and you want a restaurant that has good food and good hours then Hi Five Chicken should make the list.

This is easily one of the top best fast food chicken places in Vancouver, especially late at night when you want chicken during the evening when most other places are already closed.

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