It’s Easy to Live in Vancouver Without a Car

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Vancouver has great public transportation systems and private transportation options. It is one of the easiest cities in the world to get around from one place to the other. You can take the train from one end of town to another within half an hour or an hour, depending on where you are going. For many it just might not be feasible to own a car and if you live in Vancouver then that is okay because it is easy to live in Vancouver without a car.

You can get around the city even if you do not have any wheels. There are bus options, taxi services, and other private car services, Uber, and more to choose from. It might not be the most convenient option for everyone but it is an option, several options are available as far as transportation goes.

Can you live in Vancouver without a car?

The answer is yes, but depending on how often you travel it might be easier for you to have your own car. But it isn’t economically feasible for everyone, that might leave you with the choice of having to use public transportation. The public transportation system in the Greater Vancouver region makes it easy to take the bus or train when you need to go o work, school, or any other areas around the community.

How much does it cost to travel in Vancouver?

This is going to change depending on where you might be wanting to travel. There are different zones to find in the Greater Vancouver region for public transportation services. If you are going through several zones then you will need to pay more in a fare for the ticket. But there are ways to save, like getting a monthly or daily pass. These bulk travel options with the monthly pass will be cheaper than paying individual each time that you might want to travel.

If you are wondering if it is cheaper to have a car or to take public transportation, well there are many factors that might play into that answer. How often are you going to be using the car? How often would you like to travel? BC also has one of the highest rates of electric vehicles being sold too, more than other regions, and that can also make it more affordable when driving.

There are a growing number of electric charging stations now being built at different grocery stores and shopping center locations. This makes it easier for those who do own electric vehicles to be able to charge them on the go.

BC is already one of the most expensive places to live and so that can spill over into the cost of fuel, driving daily to work or to school etc, and into other areas. For many students living in the Vancouver region it is just easier for them to take public transportation, it’s cheaper, and they simply don’t have any other financial options.

Living in Vancouver without a car might be easier because you do not have the stress of having to worry about insurance, and all of the other car-related responsibilities. As well, there are a variety of places that don’t allow parking, require permits for parking, are on-way streets, have charge parking etc. There are also residential spaces that have only 1 parking spot and not always is it easy to find two, if you have two people in the home who both need a parking spot.

It might be an option to buy another space, but not everyone always has the option to do that. For this reason going without the car might also make sense for some who find it easier to get around just by taking public transportation.

There are across the water options, trains, buses that will take you all over the lower mainland. It doesn’t matter if you want to go to Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, or out to Mission, you can make your way there with public transportation.

It can often be a cheaper, more efficient, and more relaxing experience to go with public transportation, than juggling with the Vancouver traffic on your own that you might need to tackle when driving regularly.

Not only are there great public transportation options in Vancouver but you can also find a lot of convenience too when trying to travel with a bike. There are buses and stations that have been equipped to help people find storage spaces for their bikes, making it easier to make that transportation choice and also go without the car when living in Vancouver or the lower mainland. Not everyone needs to have a car to get around Vancouver.

Can you live in Vancouver without a car? Of course it can be done. Some might even be much better off this way and happier because of this decision.

Living in Vancouver Without a Car

It might be much more difficult for some than others. In general, a majority of Canadians admit that they just couldn’t live without their wheels. That is how they feel despite the high cost that some might have to put up with in order to make it happen and maintain that car ownership.

Last year the auto industry had to make some quick changes and that meant many started to toy with the idea of buying a car right from home, without having to go in for any test drive as usual. Cars from various companies in the U.S. and Canada, are now being delivered right to your home when you look to buy a new or used one. You don’t even need to leave the house to buy a car now and that adds a lot of convenience for those who are looking.

When sales dropped massively last year it was the service centers that were vital in helping those dealerships stay afloat. Now they seem to be bouncing a bit back to normal, but the pandemic might not mean that some are going to be giving up their wheels for good if they cannot afford it any longer. Of those cars that they have been selling, those under $20k, some dealers have mentioned, have been selling well compared to others. Now that fuel prices continue to climb we might see even more people resort to going the public transportation route, or looking to more fuel-efficient vehicles and electric vehicle options.

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