Canada Day Events in B.C. for 2021

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Canada Day is coming up soon, only a couple months away now. Many families and individuals have been planning summer vacations and looking to get away for celebrations like Independence Day, Canada Day, Memorial Day, and others. Now that restrictions are easing in a number of places it makes the prospect of planning a summer vacation a more optimistic one. Even B.C. health officials have stated that we might see a ‘new normal’ come summer if things stay according to their plans.

Already, we have seen in B.C. that they’ve made recent changes to gatherings and eased up on some of the COVID-19 restrictions that had been in place. Many are also hoping that they will be able to gather for indoor church services for Easter coming up soon on April 4th. However, the B.C. Supreme Court just recently did uphold the provincial ban that had been put on in-person religious services around the province. This comes after B.C. officials have been suggesting that we might see further easing of those restrictions.

The changes cannot come soon enough with all of the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought with it for so many. Now that the weather is getting warmer and flowers are starting to bloom, more will be wanting to get out and enjoy the beautiful parks and lakes, beaches around the B.C. region. It’s still recommended that those in B.C. stay close to home and with their close circles though, as they continue to battle the pandemic and administer vaccines to those who are looking for them.

Some have questioned if we are moving forward with the BC reopening too soon, that we should be cautious to rush things. But officials have only indicated that they would ease restrictions in B.C. if things went according to plan. We have also watched as other areas in the U.S. have recently made changes to reopen their regions, some even doing away with mask and distancing rules too.

When they recently made those announcements to the changes for outdoor gatherings it didn’t take long for people to flock to their local bars, restaurants, patio spaces, lakes, parks, and other areas. But officials say outdoor spaces on those patios and restaurants do not count, the changes to outdoor gatherings don’t apply to those areas. Authorities in the region are still busy handing out tickets to those who are caught violating the rules.

There has been a strict ban on social gatherings for some time but many parties have still been broken up. It’s suspected that as much as 40 percent of the COVID-19 cases in BC, might be linked to social gatherings, according to health officials. A significant portion of those tickets that are also being handed out to people are being disputed in court as well. It’s estimated that in BC only about 12 percent of those who received a ticket have paid, many are seeking to dispute it. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines just in BC alone that have been handed out throughout the pandemic.

Canada Day Coming Up July 1st

Events Around BC summer 2021
The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival is going on from June 25th to July 4th and so that means on Canada Day 2021 you will be able to catch some jazz music as a part of the festival if interested. There will be many different performances, with hundreds of different artists.

Farmers Market
There are a variety of farmers markets going on all summer including the Trout Lake Farmers Market, West End Farmers Market, Riley park Summer Farmers Market, Kitsilano Farmers Market, Main St Station Farmers Market, Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, and others. Find a variety of local food, some coffee trucks, and different vendors. It’s a great way to get out, still stay a bit distanced, and support local farmers and producers across BC this summer.

Other communities across BC, like Kelowna, Fort Langley, Coquitlam, and other regions, have all come up with their own Canada Day celebrations in the past featuring performances, food, and more fun. These are usually family-friendly events that might even have a kid zone, include fireworks, a variety of local vendors, and more.

Canada Day is one of the biggest celebrations that takes place around the nation. The Canada Day parade had to be cancelled last year and it isn’t clear if it will go on this year yet or not. There are different areas where they’ve had Canada Day fireworks in the past, like Canada Place downtown, Coal Harbour Seawall, Stanley Park Seawall, and other areas, but no plans have been made yet for Canada day 2021.

We might again see a variety of virtual celebrations pop-up and at-home celebrations take place. At least now there will be those small changes to outdoor gatherings with close circles so that is likely to bring more people outside for the day to celebrate or have a picnic in the park.

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Slow Change Coming in BC Restrictions for Reopening
There is hope growing for a BC reopening and they’ve announced that if things go well that we might soon see that ‘new normal’ this year at some point. This makes things sound more optimistic than they were sounding last year, now that vaccines are rolling out around the world.

But still BC officials caution that they are going to be moving slowly, don’t want to rush into that BC reopening too quickly. That might mean that we are still months away from seeing some significant changes being made to those rules, to international travel, and more.

Right now those in BC are still being encouraged to only engage in essential travel and not to go outside of their own regions for travel that isn’t non-essential, among other restrictions for health and safety concerns related to COVID-19.

We will have to wait and see how the province deals with keeping rates down before any more significant changes are going to be made to indoor gatherings and other restrictions. They want to be careful in this process, cautious about not rushing in to a decision that might make the COVID-19 situation worse in the region.

Since they’ve already recently announced some changes to those gatherings though, more Canada Day events might get planned as we get closer to the day. Right now it’s likely many virtual celebrations will be planned, and you can also celebrate on your own or with your own small circle by supporting local businesses and farmers markets.

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