West Coast Express Getting An Upgrade


British Columbia is going to be investing in West Coast Express locomotives and getting them ready for future travel around the region and across the lower mainland.

The funding was just recently announced and will mean that several West Coast Express locomotives are going to be receiving needed upgrades.

It is estimated that these upgrades could potentially extend the lifespan of those locomotives with West Coast Express for at least 15 years. They are also looking for those upgrades to help reduce emissions too and improve overall energy efficiency.

When getting started on those upgrades they will also allegedly be working on the trains one at a time so that they don’t need to take that many off the tracks all at once and interrupt service schedules.

Millions of dollars from both B.C. and the Canadian government is expected to be invested into this project.

The West Coast Express train has been operating and serving the lower mainland for decades now. There are millions of passengers in the Vancouver area who use West Coast Express every year. There are several stations where passengers can get on or off the train and it goes all the way from Downtown Vancouver to Mission.

The train services sees millions of passengers every single year and for the safety of Canadians it is important that these trains are upgraded to the highest standards.

Most of those riders who are using the West Coast Express are often making multiple trips regularly, in one week they might take several trips on the train. Riders have frequently reported feeling overall very safe on these trains, that staff are helpful and courteous, that the train equipment itself is also safe for them to ride with.

This train option is another service giving people in the region something that’s more cost effective and convenient than driving across large areas if they need to travel frequently. It is also great for those who just want to get out and enjoy some beautiful British Columbia scenery for the day too.

How long is the full trip?

If you are wondering how long the full West Coast Express trip is from downtown to Mission, the answer is roughly 75 minutes. This is going to be a much faster option for someone than trying to drive to downtown from that distance. It also gives them the opportunity to focus on other activities, reading or making calls etc, studying, instead of focusing on the road and driving.

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