Review: The Keto Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza is one of the top pizza chains across Canada. You can find a variety of Pizza Pizza locations in Vancouver and around B.C. for pick-up, take-out, or delivery. They’ve got a variety of menu options and one of their newer pizza menu selections is the Keto Crust Pizza that comes with a low carb crust option.

You can add whatever toppings to that pizza that you want.

As far as keto pizza options in Vancouver and around B.C., Pizza Pizza is one of the few places that you can find something keto like this on the menu. Their Keto Crust Pizza starts from $12.99 and they’ve also got the Keto Protein Lovers and the Keto Pepperoni, and the Keto Pesto Margherita.

They also have cauliflower pizzas at Pizza Pizza like the Cauli Pesto, Cauli Super Plant, and others. There are very unique and interesting crust choices here and the pizza tastes great.

When looking to get pizza in Vancouver and around B.C. there are thin crust options, gluten free, stuffed crust, and more cauliflower crusts in recent years, but finding the low carb crust options can be difficult.

Pizza Pizza makes it easy for those who are looking for that alternative to be able to order and quickly. You can pick up the pizza to go or get delivery and that adds one more option for the pizza market.

Not only can you call the restaurant to get delivery or order take-out but you can also get it through third party delivery apps now too.

Pizza Pizza has over 700 locations across the country. It is one of the top pizza chains today that Canadians love and show support for. This pizza chain was founded years ago and is still going strong today.

What you see here is the pepperoni keto pizza from Pizza Pizza with some added extra cheese.

The keto pepperoni pizza was great quality, it tasted fresh, and definitely had that crisp to it too. The only thing I might change next time when I order again is asking them to try cooking the pepperoni on top of the cheese. But overall it was very good and is much easier going with this than trying to make my own keto pizza at home.

With this option I can just order a keto pepperoni pizza from Pizza Pizza and be done with it.

Canadians love pizza and they spend billions of dollars on it every single year.

Pizza Pizza has grown to one of the top spots in the pizza market today and you can find a lot more on their menu than just pizza alone.

They’ve got other side options like boneless chicken, salads, bread sticks, drinks, popcorn chicken, and cauliflower bites. Get jalapeno poppers, deep fried pickles, wedges, fries, sweet potato fries, chips, or brownies. They’ve got everything, they’ve got your entire pizza night covered.

The keto pizza was fresh and crispy, tasted just right to hit the pizza craving spot. As far as pizza chains that are trying to offer alternative crusts and appetizers, Pizza Pizza is way beyond many of the others.

From the gluten-free chicken bites, to keto pepperoni pizza, cauliflower bites, and superfood crust, who knows what they might come out with next.

If you are looking for keto pizza options then Pizza Pizza has you covered right now. Also, if you are wanting some cauliflower crust options or cauliflower bites then you know where to go. They make it easy to get quality keto pizza options in a convenient way. It might not be long before we see other pizza chains start to also offer the same.

Or, instead of going the cauliflower crust or keto crust route they might offer ‘Pizza Bowls’ like Marcos has been advertising recently.

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