SMAK in Vancouver Is Worth The Try

SMAK is a healthy fast food restaurant in Vancouver that has several locations now that you can visit.

Who knew that you could get fast food and healthy at the same time? Well, SMAK is trying to make that possible.

They’ve got gluten-free meals, keto meals, vegetarian options, meat options, and more. It’s ideal to visit for lunch or breakfast because they do close early.

SMAK Might Just Be The Best Breakfast Spot In Downtown Vancouver

Here you are going to find a variety of quality nutrient-dense food options and one of the best things about them is the packaging which is 100 percent compostable, even the utensils.

You can easily toss their packaging right into the compost bin on your way out, or dispose of it at home in your own compost.

Show Support for Small Vancouver Business

SMAK in Vancouver has been using local quality ingredients to make their food, serving the Vancouver region for several years now since back in 2013.

You can get smoothie bowls, oatmeal, salads, tea, coffee, and more. They’ve got gluten-free salad dressings to purchase at SMAK that you can bring home and enjoy anytime you want. They also offer their house-made granola too.

Their green smoothie is delicious (see above) the Green Detox Juice is the name on the menu and the Green Detox Juice from SMAK comes with ingredients like spinach, parsley, pineapple, ginger and is made with apple juice which adds that sweetness.

The apple juice is a very refreshing add to the smoothie and you can also customize it with other ingredients too, like adding avocado, coconut milk, or coconut water.

Avo Bacon Bowl from SMAK

For anyone looking for gluten-free options, high-quality and nutrient dense fast food, that tastes amazing, then you should hit up SMAK in Vancouver for breakfast or lunch.

keto chicken box from SMAK

There are not many restaurants right now in Vancouver offering keto specific meals and snacks, SMAK in Vancouver happens to be one of those places. Pictured above is the keto chicken box from SMAK which comes with chicken, feta, avocado, tomato, cashews, mint, greens, and the dressing is a Simple Vinagrette.

All of the food tasted delicious, fresh, high-quality, and felt good to eat unlike a lot of the other fast food junk that we find for breakfast and lunch on the market today. SMAK is a refreshing and high-quality breakfast or lunch choice in Vancouver and it’s great that there are several locations to visit for added convenience.

The salads from SMAK are also easy to get and take home with you, bring to lunch the next day or enjoy the day after. SMAK is doing healthy fast food right and it’s worth paying a visit if you haven’t been by to see what they’ve got yet.

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