Hope Rising For BC Reopening

Many are looking for information about when the BC reopening might be fully complete or what the roadmap for the BC reopening exactly looks like.

B.C. health officials recently made comments about being optimistic for the BC reopening and now there are other changes that have also recently been announced for social gatherings and in-person church services outdoors as well.

They say that we might see this post-pandemic world by summer.

But we’ve also been told to be patient about the border remaining closed with the U.S. and international travel restrictions still going on for some time.

The BC reopening might mean that we are already seeing changes to social gatherings but there are still other restrictions related to COVID-19 that are in place in regards to social distancing, masks, and more.

The ski mountains have been busy with guests and camp sites are filling up already for the months ahead. Summer is supposed to look better this year than it did last year, and it is already shaping up to look like things are going according to their plans. We might just see that new post pandemic normal by summer in B.C. that they’ve been saying is just around the corner now if things stay on track.

However, health officials are still urging caution when going out, and there are still COVID-19 restrictions in place. Traveling outside of your region isn’t permitted for non-essential travel at this time, and inteprovincial travel is also discouraged for Canadians.

So what of the BC reopening?

What are things going to look like after the COVID 19 BC experience that we have all gone through? We’ve heard plenty about the ‘new normal’ that COVID-19 has brought about. It has meant that many businesses closed last year, individuals haven’t seen family and friends for almost a year now. Millions of kids had to get used to online virtual learning, whether they liked it or not. A lot has changed for those living in B.C. and around the world.

But the pain won’t go on forever. And now it feels like we are starting to see the bright spot up ahead, with slow changes in the BC reopening that are easing those COVID-19 restrictions that had been put into place. We are now seeing kids returning to school, some in-person restrictions changing for outdoor gatherings, and the hope that the BC reopening is going to continue as planned. Officials have said that we might expect a new normal for the BC reopening by summer this year and it cannot come soon enough. After what we have all been through last year, a break and some positive news is needed.

Rules around outdoor religious services are expected to be changing soon, and by April we might see that the same is happening for indoor religious services as well. If all goes according to their plan then that would be the plan for Easter, so that people can go to their religious services as usual. A more expansive BC reopening might be here by summer, as there are still more restrictions left that they might ease by then. As far as the BC reopening goes, and what this year and summer might look like, it is already expected to be a far different experience than what we were all going through last year.

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