Show Support for Burnaby Small Business Restaurants in Bite of Burnaby Food Festival

Photo by Foodie Factor on Pexels.com

You have the Taste of Tri Cities, Dine Out Vancouver, and now the Bite of Burnaby happening for you to show support for local restaurants in the region. This food event is supposed to go on up until the end of the month.

The Bite of Burnaby food festival is going on until the end of March

There are many small businesses that need support now more than ever from their communities. This is the perfect opportunity to show that support and to have some fun, while getting out to do something new.

There are many great restaurants in Burnaby and around the lower mainland, no matter what cuisine you might be looking for. There is something for everyone.

The Bite of Burnaby festival launched around the beginning of March and will be going on now for several weeks. You can visit a wide variety of restaurants that are taking part in the Bite of Burnaby food festival and take advantage of one special deal or another.

They are also offering a contest as a part of the Bite of Burnaby food festival which has Burnaby dining staycations up for grabs to those who win.

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

The other food festivals in the lower mainland have seen a surge in interest from restaurants who need help right now and support, with many signing up to take part in the food festivals that can help to highlight their venue and bring new attention from the community.

Already as a part of the Bite of Burnaby food fest there are several restaurants taking part in the food festival including names like Castella Cheesecake, Burnaby Mountain Restaurant, Japolo Sushi, Fortuna Bakery, Juliet Cafe, The Keg, Steve’s Poke Bar, and others.

For the full list of names of places to check out in Burnaby as a part of the Bite of Burnaby food festival you can see more names here.

The restaurant industry in Burnaby has been hit hard as it has in other regions around the world because of COVID-19. Thousands of jobs have been lost in that industry and many small businesses forced to close.

If you are looking for a great meal but also want a chance to support your community at the same time, then looking to support one of those venues that have joined with the Bite of Burnaby food festival might be a great place for a start. If you do pass one of those restaurants and pick up a meal, don’t forget that you can share it online and submit it as an entry to the contest as well.

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