Guardians of the Garden Event at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Photo by slon_dot_pics on Pexels.com

The upcoming Guardians of the Garden event: Bee Strong Challenge invites those in the community this spring in Vancouver who are interested to take part and help to build a more bee-friendly environment in the region. It invites you to come and learn more about bees and how you can act to support them and their environment around you.

Anyone who is interested in taking part is invited to become a VanDusen Guardian of the Garden through the festive Bee Strong Challenge going on until the beginning of April.

This VanDusen Botanical Garden Bee Strong Challenge is going from March 12th to April 5th this year.

If you are joining in the Guardians of the Garden event and want to take part in the Bee Strong Challenge then it requires activities like filling out an activity sheet, and learning more about bees and what actions can be taken to try and help protect them by fostering a more bee-friendly environment today.

You can also get the Bee Strong badge as a part of this event challenge and rewards which include a sunflower growing kit and a treat for later.

This is a family-friendly event that will be great for kids, educational and fun.

The Bee Strong initiative as a part of this Guardians of the Garden event is a great opportunity for kids and families to learn more about bees in their own community and how to help take actions that might build a better community for them.

This event is designed as an add-on activity that would go along with a regular admission ticket to the VanDusen Botanical Garden, they would both be required for entry to participate in the Bee Strong Challenge.

In recent years various reports have cited declining bee populations, credited to pesticides, habitat loss, and other contributors. Various initiatives have sprung up in recent years to try and help address this problem, in offering solutions like planting certain flowers for bees that might help various bee populations in different regions to thrive once again.

Gardeners all around Vancouver and the lower mainland have been helping to plant bee attracting gardens or flowers, different herbs, things that might help the bees in the area. Still, many might not be aware of the issue or know about any ways they could be able to help.

This event at VanDusen Botanical Garden is a great chance for children to get that education and get excited about helping bees and doing any thing they can, any small action, to help the environment in general to address this problem. This is a positive family friendly event that gives kids a chance to have a little spring fun, to engage in something new and exciting and learn about bee populations and how they can act to protect them.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Urban backyard beekeeping has been on the rise in the last several years in Canada and you can now find thousands of these beekeepers around the nation today. There have also been pollinator gardens planted in the lower mainland as well.

Aside from the Bee Strong challenge and Guardians of the Garden event, there are other events that VanDusen Botanical Gardens holds throughout the year and it is a beautiful garden space to check out any time during the year when they are open for visiting hours.

They have various new changes in place because of COVID-19 but they’ve still been open for limited capacity, scheduled viewings etc.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to see in Vancouver then VanDusen Botanical Gardens should make the top of the list.

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