Coffeeholic For The Best Macarons

Coffeeholic is a cafe in Coquitlam that has some of the best macarons and coffee around. If you are looking for somewhere to grab some macarons, a variety of flavors, or get a big selection of coffee then try this place out.

You can find macarons sold in packs of 6 or 10, or you can buy them individually at $2.75 each. They have the salted caramel macaron, raspberry chocolate macaron, pistachio, green tea, espresso chocolate, orange creamsicle, honeycomb lavender, strawberry coconut, vanilla bean macaron, and others.

They don’t just have good macarons either, the coffee is amazing. I would suggest trying the blended chocolate chip iced mocha or the blended iced coffee to start with if you like cold and blended coffee drinks. For something warmer their white hot chocolate is also a favorite.

They’ve got a variety of tea options, non-caffeine options, smoothies, cakes, macarons, and more.

You can also find black sugar milk tea or a matcha latte.

The macarons from Coffeeholic are nicely packaged and would make a great gift to give to anyone as well. Or to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

The location for the Coffeeholic cafe is right on North Road and easy to get to, parking right out front. There is usually space available whenever I have been through to pick up some coffee or macarons, it’s a very quiet cafe that is perfect for enjoying a cup and having some good conversation with a friend.

Coffeeholic cafe has also had a recent discount for pick-up options as a part of the Tri Cities food fest, known as Taste of Tri-Cities, which they were a part of. That event was going on up until today March 15th 2021. Those who were a part of the Taste of Tri-Cities offered a wide range of discount options and festive food picks for those who wanted to take part in the festivities and support their local small businesses and restaurants.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to try Coffeeholic in Coquitlam then I highly recommend it. Especially if you are someone who enjoys a good pastry, different sweets, or high qualiy coffee drinks. It is always great and friendly service too. So the next time you are craving a coffee I would suggest going to Coffeeholic and getting a macaron or two with your coffee as well. They are always fresh and taste delicious.

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