BC Parks Expecting Another Record-Breaking Camping Year for B.C. This Year

Photo by Xue Guangjian on Pexels.com

Camping sites in various U.S. regions are now starting to open again for the public to plan a visit this year.

What about camping in B.C.? Online reservations recently opened for B.C. campgrounds and they immediately saw a rush of demand through website traffic in people looking to book their own camping stay somewhere in B.C. Camping sites around the province are already filling up quickly.

Thousands of reservations for camping in B.C. have already been made

It is going to be a much different year than it was last year if all goes according to plan and they continue to unravel the restrictions that were introduced because of the pandemic. With limited social gatherings now allowed, outdoor religious services recently announced etc, it’s expected that soon more changes will follow.

It could be a summer that looks a lot different than last year. Already, B.C. officials are sounding much more optimistic this time around then they were at about the same time last year.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

Last year, RVs both big or small were seeing high sales demand in Canada, just like that industry saw in the U.S. and elsewhere.

People still wanted to be able to travel but stay distanced at the same time. Travel restrictions meant that many people in B.C. and elsewhere were going to go looking for something new. The RV offered a more distanced way to travel but still enabled the family to get out onto the road.

Not only were sales up but bookings were also up, some saw bookings increase by as much as 700 percent for RVs.

With camping spots filling up fast that might mean many also looking again this year at RVs for their trips.

Though camping season is still months away it doesn’t hurt to get in and book early, it can be difficult to find a camping spot in B.C. as they tend to fill up fast. It is already anticipated that this is going to be a record-breaking year for camping in B.C. so if you want a spot you should try and book one before they’re all gone and to be sure you get the dates you want at the location you’re looking for.

If you are looking to book something then you will only be able to do it within 2 months from when you plan on going on your trip when using those camping booking tools. For now, B.C. authorities are still advising against traveling to other provinces, or outside of your own region in B.C., for any non-essential travel purposes and activities.

There is hope for a more ‘normal’ summer this year in B.C. than we saw last year and it is already starting to certainly look like it is going to be, so long as things keep going according to their plans and they don’t resort back to shutting things down and limiting gatherings.

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