A Change in Restrictions for St Patty’s Day

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

St Patty’s Day is coming up on March 17th and B.C. just recently changed their COVID-19 restrictions to allow for outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people.

Still, they are asking people to stick with the same group though, and that people should still seek to do thing safely. But now you will finally pull up to your local park or cafe and probably see a new sight you haven’t seen in awhile, which is people standing outside and chatting with friends.

This comes after B.C. health officials previously stated that we might start to soon see a change in COVID-19 restrictions as early as Easter, if all went to their plan. It looks like things are slowly starting to move in that direction. It cannot come soon enough now that Spring is here and people are eager to get outside and enjoy the weather with friends and family.

But not everyone is looking forward to that unraveling, and some question if we are doing it too early.

The ease in those COVID-19 restrictions to daily life is going along with the largest mass vaccination that they’ve ever attempted in B.C. history. There are many seniors who are going to start getting their vaccinations next week.

They’ve already started making appointments at approved facilities to arrange to get vaccinated as early as next week.

Still, the border is closed for non-essential travel though but there is a growing push to have that changed. Lawmakers in the U.S. have urged the government to consider some sort of change on that front.

Any sort of timeline that can give people hope of when it might open once again, after a year almost of being closed. The small towns close to the border that rely on that tourism have been destroyed from the border closure, turning into ghost-towns overnight essentially once all that tourism came to a halt.

People are eager to go down to check on properties, pick up their mail, see loved ones, or to reunite with friends and family etc.

Events in Vancouver

This week there are going to be some events, like live music on Tuesday at the Shamrock Bar & Grill’s, or the Blarney Stone Pub St. Patrick’s Day Festival on Wed, March 17th that starts at 10 in the morning. There are also St. Patrick’s Day virtual speed dating events to find, and more.

With the new ease in restrictions for B.C. before St. Patrick’s Day this is likely to also mean we see a lot more social gatherings this week for that event, and heading into the weekend as Spring officially approaches.

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