Where are the most livable places in Canada?

Rates.ca recently released a list of the most livable places in Canada that they ranked for this year. They ranked the regions based on a variety of factors including growth, affordability, nightlife, scenery, and more.

Several of the locations that they ranked happen to be right here in beautiful British Columbia.

Moving to be near more greenery

A great deal of Canadians who moved last year, they discovered, had done so because they wanted to be near more nature. Not only was being near more greenery on a regular basis a big motivation but finances were of course as well, with many wanting a cheaper living situation after going through the pandemic.

Many of those families who are relocating might be looking for a yard, or just more space in general, or simply more for their dollar.

There are still many more who might be planning to move and COVID-19 is a big reason for that. Especially for those who are moving from bigger cities, they are now looking for more rural and smaller town regions in the country.

Among the list they’ve got familiar places like Kelowna, Penticton, Quebec City, and others.

The top of the list for most livable city in Canada was Langford, BC.

And Langford B.C. wasn’t the only B.C. region to make the most livable city in Canada list either. Other B.C. regions like Kelowna, Rossland, Penticton, and Cowichan Bay, they also made the top 10 list.

It isn’t just in B.C. or Canada either, we see around the world that this trend has emerged once COVID-19 hit, where people went looking to alter and re-prioritize their lives. Yes, even if that meant moving their whole family somewhere new.

As far as affordability in those 10 selected regions from Canada as the most livable regions, the average home price for those in B.C. are between 443k-725k. For many this is still too expensive and there aren’t many incomes that can handle that sort of housing cost or payment.

It might have many optimal and livable regions but there are many individuals and families in the province spending between 30 to 50 percent of their take-home pay on housing alone. It can easily be expected that this will only continue to be a pressing issue for voters in the region who are worried about housing and the cost of living in B.C.

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