UBC Grad Students Looking for Quarantine Option at School

The government previously imposed mandatory quarantine isolation for those coming to Canada with a growing list of hotels that are approved for quarantine, That list of approved venues has also increased from the original venue options that had been first initially approved for quarantine.

For those who were arriving they had to quarantine at places like Coast Vancouver Airport hotel, Abercorn Inn Vancouver Airport hotel, Quality Hotel Airport South Hill and others.

Travel is still heavily restricted for those who are traveling for non-essential purposes, though we could see this change in coming months.

There is growing pressure to open the Canadian border with the U.S. as it has been closed for almost a year now.

UBC Grad Student Society Looking for Alternative Quarantine Options

The UBC Graduate Student Society, along with other graduate student groups, recently called on the government to allow for international graduate students to be able to access an alternative quarantine plan.

The hope is that they would be able to stay at university residences rather than having to stay at those approved hotels on the quarantine list.

For some grad students the multi-day stay at one of those approved hotels could end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, and it is a financial cost that many cannot afford.

If they have to stay at those hotels it will just make life harder for them, as it has also been difficult for those non-students going through the costly process as well.

The student groups are also reportedly hoping that potentially down the road any change might apply to more students as well, that student residences on the UBC campus would be sufficient enough.

But as B.C. health officials have recently stated, we might see those restrictions start to ease up in the coming weeks and a ‘new normal’ start to show itself. This could mean seeing more travel options come about, a reversal in quarantine requirements, opening of the border, or more in-person gatherings etc, among other possible changes to come.

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