Researchers Find Older People Had a Better Time Dealing With COVID-19

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

COVID-19 changed lives for billions of people around the world last year. All of a sudden students were forced to do online learning and people started working from home, everything changed.

We weren’t allowed to engage in a variety of regular activities, gyms, schools, and other venues were closed, and the most eventful thing most of us had going on was a trip to the grocery store.

For some of us the pandemic caused a lot more stress than for others.

Overall, we have seen that millions of people have been dealing with the stress and anxiety from it all. Not to mention the many business owners who have also been struggling and stressing about their operations or families wondering when they might be able to see loved ones they have been separated from etc.

For some seniors who were alone and not connected online, it might have been a lot more difficult to maintain that social structure and sense of community over the last year.

In general though, older people might be stronger than we give them credit for.

Researchers suggest that greater emotional well-being has been linked with older age and this plays a role in how people deal with daily stressors like those which came last year surrounding COVID-19.

Considering this, might older people have had an easier time dealing with COVID-19? Researchers have looked into that question, comparing age-related differences in exposure and reactivity to the recent pandemic to see if there were any differences.

While some seniors might have been incredibly isolated and had a very difficult time, that isn’t true for all.

Researchers have suggested that some older adults might have had a better time with staying happier throughout this entire ordeal.

They’ve essentially gone through COVID-19 with better coping skills and researchers suggest that this indicates we develop those better abilities to cope as we get older.

In Canada, many older adults have been isolated from loved ones and community circles but they have remained resilient in the face of these difficulties.

They’ve demonstrated their emotional and mental strength by making it through this time and staying in good spirits, persevering through the struggle with high hopes and balanced mindfulness.

Still, there are many individuals who are truly struggling right now. With a variety of restrictions in place because of COVID-19 it is clear that we still aren’t out of the woods yet, though B.C. health officials have suggested that we might see changes coming to that within just a few weeks if things go according to their plans.

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