B.C. Police Issue Warning About Appointment Scams Going On

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

There are reportedly some fake appointment scams going on in B.C. right now, with fraudsters calling individuals up and then using the excuse of making a COVID-19 vaccine appointment for them as reason to ask for personal information.

Authorities in B.C. have issued a warning about the trend, urging people to be cautious if they do get a phone call like this.

Many people who want one have been sort of scrambling to find out a way to get their vaccine or make an appointment, dealing with long hold times or being unable to get through on the phone completely.

For others they’ve been able to easily book it online.

Already the anti-fraud center in the country has received numerous reports of people doing these scams and calling people to try and get personal information, under the guise of planning that vaccine appointment for them.

Since the coronavirus hit last year there have been numerous scams that have been exposed, from fake emergency products being sold, to fake vaccines, and other issues.

Authorities in the region are urging the public to remember that they will only be able to access authentic vaccines through approved clinic areas.

Those approved spaces where people will be vaccinated have been organized with the local public health authorities.

Those who have been doing the scam have allegedly been asking people to offer personal information over the phone, like their address, and even credit card deals as well.

They’ve also been reportedly offering the option of getting an in-home vaccine appointment over the phone, and authorities say if you get a call like this you should hang-up right away and report it.

There Are No At-Home Appointments

B.C. authorities have urged the public to report any incident of these scams taking place to the police; if someone believes that they have received a phone call about making an appointment like this for a vaccine that wasn’t legitimate.

B.C. just recently opened up their vaccinations to seniors in the region a few days ahead of schedule, who are over the age of 85 so that they can go ahead and book their appointments now.

Tens of thousands of appointments have already been booked, with thousands more who have also already been immunized.

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