Seniors Across Canada Still Struggle With Routine Changes From COVID-19

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Since COVID-19 hit last year it changed the lives of many seniors in our communities. Various reports highlight how the senior community has been severely depressed and isolated over this time.

Especially for those who do not have any cellphone or who do not have an internet connection or a computer, they have been all alone for the entire year and restricted from their daily activities.

For others who can easily turn online and watch videos, do some gaming, get into a Zoom call with friends, or even just chat over the phone, we might have had a better time with it.

There are some seniors who have lost their regular dancing or physical activity events because of the restrictions over gatherings and distancing.

Missing out on those activities because the senior community centers are closed right now in many places, is a change that takes a great deal of physical activity away from their weekly schedule. The limitations on gatherings and other restrictions have totally turned the lives of millions upside down and for many that meant unbearable isolation.

How much impact might this have?

Who knows what the long-term impacts might be. Researchers will now not only be looking to investigate the impact that COVID-19 had on survivors of it, but also in the future also going to look at those who had their lives change drastically from the lockdown too and drastic disruption to their daily routine.

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels.com

The change to reduce those restrictions is needed as many cannot wait to get back to business as usual. However, B.C. health officials aren’t going to seek to do that in any unsafe manner.

They are sounding optimistic though and will be looking to eventually roll back those COVID-19 restrictions in the coming weeks.

We might see some significant changes to in-person gatherings by as early as Easter, with many more good changes to come after that if things go well.

No doubt there are many seniors who cannot wait to get back to their community center or aerobics class, dancing on the weekends, or meeting up with more friends like they used to.

Previous investigation has found that our social engagement and social network might be allegedly just as vital as physical exercise, researchers have suggested that it could play a meaningful role in our longevity.

Easing COVID-19 restrictions might be coming soon in B.C.

Taking down those restrictions and encouraging people to get back to engaging with their communities again is going to help to end the suffering that a lot of people have been going through after they were cut off from their friends and family members when COVID-19 changed life as we know it.

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