Herbaland: One of The Fastest Growing Companies in B.C.

Not only is it one of the fastest in B.C. but also the nation. This Richmond-based Canadian company Herbaland is growing quickly and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the country today.

They reportedly started as a vitamin packaging company and have shifted since then into offering a variety of products that are marketed as nutritional gummies.

Herbaland has continued to see demand increase for their quality products, and the immune health supplement market is only expected to grow even more in the years to come. Herbaland has even offered a vegan option for their gummies, selling gummies with flavors like Papaya, Kiwi, and Banana.

Sugar a Driving Factor

One of the biggest influencers for those turning to these gummies is that they offer a low sugar option. For seniors and others who are less active, or those who might just want some nutritional gummies that are low sugar, Herbaland offers that to the consumer.

Who doesn’t like gummies?
The worldwide gummy market for vitamins specifically is estimated to be worth almost 6 billion and it is also expected to grow in 10 billion within several years.

It isn’t only kids that enjoy gummies when they take vitamins, adults also prefer the gummy variety. The aging population today is relying on these nutritional supplement products to help them balance their lifestyle as well.

Within the gummy vitamin space it’s estimated that the plant-based variety are going to be the fastest growing products because of the increase in people today looking for vegetarian and vegan options.

For some of those gummies that Herbaland has been making and putting onto the shelves, along the way they’ve even been using products that come from local B.C. farms in the region, like blueberries for flavor.

This is one B.C. company that is doing a great job at making quality items that help people get what they need, whatever nutritional supplement or vitamin they might be looking for, in a convenient way. They make it taste great too.

You can find their products online to order and in a growing number of stores today around B.C. and elsewhere.

This one pictured above is a vegan watermelon collagen booster gummy that is sugar free as well.

It tastes delicious and might be one of the best ones to try out with, but there are many to choose from, it depends on what you’re looking for.

They taste so good you might just find yourself snacking on them.

pictured above: Herbaland watermelon vegan collagen booster gummies

You can find a wide range of quality gummies on their website that are non-gmo and low sugar options.

They’ve got calcium and vegan D3 gummies for adults that are low sugar, plant based Omega-3 gummies for adults, Vitamin C sugar free gummies, vegan D3 and B12 gummies also low sugar, multivitamin gummies, and some new Sour Good News Gummies that you can buy as a single pouch or in a case.

They’ve also got other options like Sleep Plus Gummies for Adults low sugar, Immune Plus Gummies for Adults low sugar, and more.

More people around the world are looking to kick their habit of sugar and that means right here in Canada, in B.C., the low sugar trend is alive and well.

We can increasingly see a growing number of product options on the shelves that are low sugar varieties.

Community As A Core Value

Herbaland is one successful and inspiration Canadian company that is solving that problem for so many by offering those low sugar solutions.

Herbaland was also there for front line workers when COVID-19 hit last year, they launched their Community for Immunity campaign and sought to donate vitamin gummies to individuals in crisis.

They were targeting front-line workers and staff working in care homes etc, they ended up donating tens of thousands of gummies across the country. And they aren’t done helping.

twitter pic source

Community For Immunity 2021

Herbaland are doing it again with Community for Immunity 2021 and have worked to donate again to those in need. They hope to give at least 20,000 bottles of their Immune Boosting vitamins to essential workers.

Those who wanted to nominate someone in the community had the opportunity to fill out a form on the website to suggest that front-line worker directly.

They are also selling merchandise (really cute sweatshirt!) on their website with the profits directed toward purchasing gummies for front-line workers as well. Just one sweatshirt is equal to one bottle being donated.

Herbaland is a great Canadian company because it offers quality products and it also cares about community and gives back to those who are in need.

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