The Charge To Recycle Millions of Masks

A Huge Waste Problem With Masks

It is estimated that Vancouver residents are responsible for disposing of around 528 million masks or more throughout the pandemic year and are still now using and disposing of them.

That is a lot of waste that needs to be dealt with and that is just in the Vancouver region alone.

Now more than ever communities are in need of solutions to deal with that trash. And one company close to home is doing a lot to help. That company from Burnaby is leading the charge when it comes to offering solutions.

They’ve come up with a way to recycle those masks and try to solve some of the problem of tremendous waste that has been created from everyone wearing them.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

The Burnaby company, known as Vitacore Industries, has been able to do the innovative work of stopping many masks from ending up in B.C. landfills.

They are able to sterilize the masks, after that they then melt them down, and then they are able to turn the material into another product that can be used.

They’ve recently held a pilot program where they were accepting used masks in collection bins at different care clinics. They were collecting thousands of masks every month.

Vitacore has also allegedly been looking to expand the project around the nation, we might see masks also being recycled in other regions, thousands of them.

The innovation and problem-solving initiative here cannot come too soon as there are millions of masks around the country that are expected to land up in landfills unless they can be repurposed and recycled in some manner, instead of wasting away in one community or another.

Still today millions of face masks are being thrown away and left on the street, to inevitably end up in a landfill, collectively contributing to thousands of tonnes of waste.

There are a variety of projects already underway around the world that are trying to solve that problem of mask waste and bring some recycling tactics to the forefront to try and address the issue.

Those efforts by Vitacore and others to recycle the face masks are going to play a tremendous role in keeping thousands of those millions of masks out of landfills. They already are and have already made that difference in recycling thousands of face masks that otherwise would’ve just been considered garbage that had no value to be offered.

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