Huge Tree Sale Happening in New Westminster

Whenever these things happen they usually sell out of trees fast and there is going to be an upcoming tree sale in New Westminster that offers a variety of trees for just $10.

New Westminster has a certain goal of reaching a particular amount of canopy coverage in the city and to help that goal along they are holding another tree sale.

If you take advantage of the event then you will be able to purchase a dogwood, spruce, and other varieties of trees, all for just $10.

$10 Tree Sale Event In New West on March 20th 2021

Trees are expected to be be pre-purchased and once they have been then you can pick them up between 9:00 – 11:00 am on March 20, 2021.

The location for the pick up is going to be at Westburnco Park, according to their website.

New West residents will be able to purchase the trees at a discount for their residence. They still have some available right now, though some varieties are already sold out.

If you or someone you know might be interested in purchasing a discounted tree then you do not want to miss what they have left for the $10 Tree Sale event in New Westminster that is coming up soon in March.

The entire lot is expected to sell out quickly.

The goal for the city of New Westminster is that by 2030 they want to have about 27 percent canopy coverage in the area. They still need to plant thousands of trees.

From this upcoming $10 Tree Sale in New West on March 20th they expect to sell around 150 trees. Residents are able to purchase two trees per household from the sale.

Other city areas like Vancouver have also held $10 tree sale events and they saw their trees being sold out within hours.

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