We Might See Fewer COVID-19 Restrictions in B.C. in Coming Weeks

Dr. Henry has already expressed the optimism for changing the COVID-19 restrictions by summer in the lower mainland. With a variety of regions already experimenting with what it might be like to go back to ‘normal’ it might not be that long before B.C. too is making those changes.

It looks like things might be going according to plan and they could be changing some of the restrictions within a matter of weeks now around the B.C. region, according to health officials.

We might see the possibility for in-person celebrations for a variety of festivities that are coming up like Easter and others. They might soon ease up and allow small outdoor gatherings as things are starting to get warmer in the region. There might also be changes to allow for limited travel as well, so long as they don’t see a surge in new COVID-19 cases.

What Can We Expect With The New Normal in B.C.?

We can expect that eventually we will see a return of activities that we enjoyed before this all changed when COVID-19 hit, with more freedom to gather outdoors and in larger groups etc. There will also be some changes to religious ceremonies and sport activities, they are reportedly going to be a top focus for the change in restrictions to come.

They are hoping that by Easter we will see in-person celebrations, at least a bit more than we are now and have been for the past few months. That is unless they see a surge in cases.

Other regions are also starting to experiment with rolling things back and researchers have been experimenting as well with COVID-19 safe festivals, with some planning to fully reopen now for business. The hope is that we will once again soon get back to gathering with friends at the beach by summer or going to concerts in the summer or fall, many festivals and events are planned for this year if COVID-19 doesn’t change those expectations.

Things from B.C. officials right now are sounding a lot more optimistic than they were around this time last year, when they asserted that they couldn’t see a close end in sight to the COVID-19 restrictions we had in place. The ease of restrictions cannot come soon enough for many businesses that are struggling in the region and who might still be forced to close for good if things don’t turn around for them soon.

For some, their business comeback might take years now to make up for what they went through last year.

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