New Watermelon From Vancouver Based SmartSweets

SmartSweets started as a Vancouver based company and once the founder, Tara Bosch appeared on Season 12 of Dragon’s Den it was then that millions of Canadians would eventually learn about these gummy candies.

The original gummy plan has evolved since then to include many other gummy options.

The SmartSweets lineup has grown to now include the new watermelon flavor that you can see pictured here, along with red fish, sour bears, regular bears, peach rings, and others.

These snacks are found online and in many retailers around British Columbia and Canada. You can find them in stores like Whole Foods, London Drugs, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Safeway, and Choices Markets.

The SmartSweets treats were intended to be a ‘healthy alternative’ to the competition that you find on the shelves today which often have much more sugar in them. These gummy options are only made with very few grams of sugar.

It is impressive to see how far this company has come after being started by a young entrepreneur from Vancouver. Once the company took off then she allegedly dropped out of college to pursue her business dream and she is now an inspiration to many others.

After starting to make test batches in her kitchen the company is something that has now grown into much more and now the company brings in millions of dollars annually.

The gummies are delicious if you haven’t tried them and are offered in a variety of flavors.

The new watermelon SmartSweets just started appearing in stores around British Columbia and if you can’t find them soon then it might not be that much longer until they’re on the shelves. You can also search for them online or through their website directly.

Bosch is now leading a team of dozens of employees in the United States and Canada and they’ve got a growing number of product options coming to the shelves.

SmartSweets is a great example of a company that got its start from trying to solve a problem and offer the solution of candy with less sugar so that people can try to wean off of it and consume less sugar in their lives, even when they want a sweet snack.

For a company that got a humble start in Vancouver to now being found in thousands of stores, SmartSweets is on a mission to make candy better and ‘cooler again’ with their growing product line.

Since starting the company the founder has appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and SmartSweets is recognized as one of the fastest growing brands right now in the U.S. and Canada.

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  1. I just discovered these online the other day! Allulose is a unique sugar that is metabolized in a beneficial way – gives the pancreas and insulin a break. So, it helps diabetics and low carb dieters out a lot.

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