Survey Finds Many Canadians Have Cut Back on Drinking Over The Last Year

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A recent pandemic survey found that many Canadians have cut back on their drinking, while a great deal of others have increased in the last several months. Whether it be drinking more or binging on comfort food, individuals have been turning to one comfort or other to pass the time.

For Canadians this surprisingly means that some are cutting back on drinking and decreasing that drinking habit for themselves. Statistics Canada found that about 24 percent of alcohol users drank more, but 22 percent said they were drinking far less. It looks to be about even when it comes to whether or not drinking habits are growing or decreasing.

Previous reports have suggested that many more Canadians might be drinking now, especially those adults who are under the age of 54.

Drinking Habits Changing Since COVID-19 For Canadians

Men have reported drinking more because they are bored, while women say they are doing it because they are stressed. For one reason or another, boredom or seeking comfort etc, drinking habits have increased for some.

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As far as why people might be decreasing their alcohol consumption, a myriad of answers have been given.

For a few it is because of the decreased social activities, others it is for health reasons, others might not have any particular motivation, some are just too busy, and there are those who quit because they’re caring for dependents.

These are not all of the reasons but some of the more frequent ones that get mentioned when people have been asked why they quit.

Last year, industry insiders were concerned that perhaps as many as a third of Canada’s craft breweries might go out of business and that they wouldn’t be able to survive the pandemic.

Brewery sales for some small operations suffered greatly last year and it meant that some were facing the potential of having to close for good. Others opted to start offering home deliveries for their craft beverages and those online sales helped them stay in business while many other restaurants and pubs closed.

The change in allowing outdoor patios has also helped those craft breweries to stay in business, as there are many craft brew consumers in B.C. and across Canada. The companies have found various ways to get creative and adapt, even if that meant making sanitizer last year when stores everywhere ran dry.

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