Fresh Crab Cakes in B.C.

Choices Market in Canada is a quality organic grocery store that features local high quality products from the region around British Columbia and other areas.

You can find specialty health foods here, great supplements, high quality produce and organic dairy, meats, and more.

There are weekly Choices Markets shopping specials to take advantage of, great deals frequently offered, and a great points system here where you earn so many points per dollars that you spend.

There are also a number of locations already found around the lower mainland, in Burnaby, North Vancouver, and other areas.

One delicious thing that you can find here is the crab cakes. These are quality and affordable crab cakes that are fresh and taste better than a lot of other crab cakes I have tried from other stores.

It only takes a few minutes to fry them up and then pair them with a side dish or some lemon. Crab cakes are a very light and easy dish to make, these ones all you have to do is take them out of the package and cook.

If you are in the lower mainland and want to try some crab cakes that might be cheaper making them at home than ordering them at some restaurant, the crab cakes from Choices Markets are the ones I would suggest trying. Check out their seafood section the next time you are there and grab a pack, I’ve seen them come in packs of two, and try them for lunch or dinner.

The crab cakes make a delicious snack and they are also a more cost-effective meal to make than a number of other options you might consider. There is so much great seafood to find in and around Vancouver and Choices Markets sure has some great seafood options, along with other poultry, dairy, meat, and more.

If you have not checked out this store yet then do yourself a favor and browse one of the many locations in the lower mainland that you can find.

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