Looking for Further Clarification of What The ‘New Normal’ In B.C. Is Or When It is Coming


B.C. health officials recently stated that we might start seeing a ‘new normal’ come summer this year, if things go according to their plans. However, they did mention that this might be a tad optimistic given the current state of things. But they are looking forward to an eventual change that might come some day not too far off in the future.

That might be in summer when things start to open up more and we see a new normal start to surface.

The business lobby in Vancouver downtown region, among others, are now reportedly looking for further clarification about those comments that were made. They’ve allegedly been getting phone calls, people are reaching out to ask more about it, and they need further clarification about the prospect of that summer restart or new normal that might be coming to the Vancouver and B.C. region.


This was very optimistic news given by B.C. health officials for those living in the region because there are many businesses who are still suffering with the restrictions and changes that have been put in place because of COVID-19.

Vancouver has a strong tourism industry, as do other regions in the province, and it has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, along with many others. This has also trickled down into impacting other local and small businesses that cater to those like hotels and restaurants that might see the most traffic.

As well, the everyday routine for many, especially seniors in our communities, is nothing like it used to be.

Some of them are seeing a lot less physical activity because their regular senior centers are closed and programs they once loved to take part in have been off all this time as well.

Will things get back to normal in B.C. soon?

That is what health officials say they are hoping to see sometime this year, perhaps by as early as summer 2021.

But what that is exactly supposed to mean or look like isn’t clear. Last year around April we heard the complete opposite though, that there would be no return to any normal coming soon and now it’s almost a year later and things don’t look as negative.

Some in the region are already looking for a bit more clarification on what this means and what the next few miles in their plan is possibly going to look like.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has reaffirmed those in B.C. that people need to know that there is going to be an eventual end in sight, even if they might not know exactly where the finish line is just yet for that marathon they’re running

The pandemic has changed things in B.C. like is has in many other regions in the world, many businesses have been closed for good and some who have been serving the community for years. But it also brought the creation of new businesses, stronger businesses, and a new sense of community support.

Supporting Small Businesses in B.C.

Now is the best time to look out for small and local businesses and give them all the support that you can. There is a great void in support from those regular tourists who are not coming in right now and the support you give to your local small business could mean much more right now than you know.

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