Keto Mocha from Waves in B.C. For Waves Wellness

Waves is a Canadian coffee chain that had recently been offering a delicious keto mocha for those that were looking for fewer carbs and a little less sugar in their drink.

Waves has established itself as one of the hottest brands in Canada and one of the fastest growing coffee chains in Western Canada.

If you have been to British Columbia before then you have probably heard about Waves coffee. They’ve got great hours, there are many locations to find, and it is the perfect place to grab a delicious cup of coffee.

You can also get a wide variety of other drinks there, including tea and smoothies, and various food offerings too.

What is new that I recently saw when heading into the Waves coffee location is that they were offering a Keto Mocha as a part of their Waves Wellness initiative this year.

The keto mocha from Waves is made with keto dark chocolate, almond milk, and espresso. The keto dark chocolate drink from Waves coffee is only 16G carbs. They often have seasonal type drinks that you can find here and the keto mocha from Waves wasn’t expected to be around for that long.

source: Waves FB

The keto mocha from Waves got introduced for the Waves Wellness initiative with the Cardamom Golden Latte and they asked customers on social media which one they might prefer to see come back next year.

The keto mocha espresso drink from Waves could end up being something more than just a seasonal fun drink that goes as quickly as it came in. They could add it to the menu for good if there is enough demand. There aren’t enough keto options right now in the market, especially at Waves and other coffee shops, and so it would be great to see them welcome this back for good.

The 16g of carbs for that one keto mocha drink might still seem like to much though for those trying to stay around 20g carbs or less. However, as far as a lower carb mocha goes then you cannot really go wrong with this recipe from Waves coffee .

We will have to wait and see which one, if any, they determine to bring back for another round. You could always head on over to their social media and share your love for either one of the Waves Wellness drinks.

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