Using Tropical Vibes to Battle Covid-19 Blues

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Covid-19 has brought a lot of stress and anxiety for millions and this has meant that people have turned to one therapy or another to seek peace and joy during this time.

It might be listening to music, staying active at home with dance or working out, reading, chatting with friends, or it could be painting.

For one artist in B.C., Shawnda Wilson, she turned to the tropics for inspiration.

Her new art exhibit, Tropical Wallpaper, is going to be shown all through March at Jonny the Barber in Nanaimo, also known as Jonny’s Barber Shop.

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For over a year now many people have been stuck at home and unable to plan vacations, to go on trips and enjoy seeing other places and traveling with loved ones.

A tropical destination vacation is one that brings millions of people some peace and quiet from the stress of life when they need it most. It seems fitting to turn to this bright and sunny inspiration during a time like this with COVID-19 for a little calm from the storm.

The Tropical Wallpaper art exhibit in Nanaimo is going to be on for several weeks.

If you want to meet the artist then there is the chance to do that on Saturday, where Wilson will reportedly be attending each weekend of the month to meet guests that are there to visit the Tropical Wallpaper show.

There will also be the chance to purchase art from previous shows that Wilson has crafted, along with her newest poetry work Muses on a Tight Rope.

For many of us when asked where we might want to be right now if given the chance for a vacation, the popular answer might be a tropical destination.

For Wilson you would get the same answer, anywhere tropical, and so that is the inspiration for this latest art exhibit and it sure is refreshing during days like these.

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