Richmond Night Market 2021

When COVID-19 hit last year the Richmond Night Market was one of many events that had to close because of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. For the health and safety of the guests those behind the Richmond Night Market last year made the hard decision to put off the event.

This event is regarded as the largest night market in North America. There are millions who have visited the Richmond Night Market to pick up one trinket or another, to try one of the many delicious dishes they offer there. The night market in Richmond is an amazing culinary adventure if you have never been before.

The Richmond Night Market is a hub for small businesses in the region to showcase what they’ve got.

Any new and local business that wants to build brand awareness would do well to join in with the Richmond Night Market because there are thousands who visit on a regular basis. This draws not only locals to visit the night market but also tourists come to see what is showcased as well.

The Richmond Night Market is a great way for vendors to showcase their products to the community in the lower mainland.

Although they had to call off the event last year it looks like they will be going ahead as planned for the 2021 season. They’ve posted to their social media page that they’re looking forward to seeing guests in 2021 and are now open and accepting vendors for the Richmond Night Market 2021 season.

There are hundreds of international food items to find at the Richmond Night Market that is usually held on an annual basis, though had to cancel the event last year because of COVID-19. There is also nightly entertainment that gets offered too, it is not just food to be found at the Richmond Night Market.

You can find a wide variety of items there, many things that you might never have heard about or seen before. If you are looking for something new and exciting to do then the Richmond Night Market can easily provide that experience.

Photo by Christel Jensen on Pexels.com

With the 2021 season at the Richmond Night Market it is expected that there will be limited capacity and social distancing rules, along with mask requirements, and other possible COVID-19 related changes. Still, health officials are optimistic that we might be seeing some sort of ‘new normal’ by summer.

This would come just in time for the Richmond Night Market to kick off which usually happens from May until October. If they go ahead with opening for the 2021 season then there will be plenty of time and opportunity for locals to get out and do something new, to support small businesses and local vendors in the region that are showcased at the Richmond Night Market.

The best thing about the Richmond Night Market is that this is a family friendly atmosphere, but is also great to just come with friends, or with your loved one. You could plan a date night with someone you are with or just plan to go on your own because you would still be likely to have a great time.

There is lots to see and do if you visit the night market, it seems something for every fancy and taste. There are many small vendors in the community who are struggling and who can no doubt use the traffic and publicity that the Richmond Night Market brings with it. As for now it looks like the Richmond Night Market cannot wait to wish visitors back in the summer this year.

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