Immersive Van Gogh Experience Coming Soon to Vancouver Convention Centre

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The Imagine Van Gogh immersive exhibition is in Vancouver and welcomes visitors of all different ages to come and enjoy a new way of reconnecting to this artist and these great pieces of work.

Visitors are meant to enter a room that offers extraordinary visuals with unique screen dimensions, the images are projected onto 3D spaces and this works at offering a new way of looking at these incredible works.

Imagine Van Gogh at the Vancouver Convention Centre

Buy tickets here from the website which is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre and is expected to open on March 19th.

This exhibition has made its way to different cities like Montreal and Toronto, and is being referred to as a new way of trying to go about experiencing art and these historic pieces by Van Gogh.

You will be able to see works like Irises and Sunflowers, The Starry Night, and more. This is a family-friendly event going on right now that still has some tickets left for those who want to enjoy the show.

This is supposed to be a contactless experience for those who buy tickets to go and see the exhibition show. There is still going to be precautions like limited capacity for the show and timed entries.

A Show To Remember

Some reviews of the exhibit have suggested that it ‘ups the emotional experience’ overall, taking in all of the moving pieces of this exhibit, when viewing this magnificent pieces of art. It is a new way of consuming the works from Van Gogh and many reviews indicate that it is worth the visit.

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Imagine Van Gogh is expected to run in Vancouver from March 19th to June 11th 2021 and a new block of tickets was recently released for sale.

Already in Canda the show has sold over 300,000 tickets and together features more than 200 paintings from the artist. It has been so popular that they have been seeing record ticket sales.

Because of COVID-19 there are still going to be safety precautions in place for the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and if you want to get a chance at getting some tickets then you should look at securing them soon.

The tickets for the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in Vancouver start at around $33.99 not including other charges and fees.

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