B.C. Health Officials Optimistic For Post-Pandemic Normal By Summer

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B.C. health officials say that we might see a post-pandemic world by as early as summer this year if all goes according to their plans.

Dr. Bonnie Henry the top doctor in the province says that sometime soon we might be returning to more of a sense of normal. Still though, they fear that they might be too optimistic and it could still be too early to tell.

A number of industries are still suffering because of the COVID-19 restrictions that have been put into place.

There are also still a number of travel restrictions in place and border still closed for non-essential travel with the United States.

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Health officials in B.C. have been doing their best to try and navigate the crisis since it first erupted.

The province has had an arguably less difficult time with it than other regions have in Canada and around the world. B.C. has seen fewer cases of COVID-19 than Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario.

Around the province they have already given out hundreds of thousands of doses of COVID-19 vaccines with many also finishing their second doses too.

When will restrictions in B.C. be lifted?

Health officials have warned that they won’t look at reducing those restrictions for B.C. until they see that more people in the region have been protected against the virus. As well, they also want to make sure that they have a good handle on transmissions within the community.

The changes cannot come soon enough for many who have been struggling this entire time with limited capacity and other restrictions that have been imposed. With spring arriving and many who will want to get out for summer, all we can do is hope that things go as planned and those restrictions start to be eased from everyday life and business.

From hotels to cafes, restaurants, casinos, shopping malls, there are thousands of businesses that have been impacted this year.

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The changes to everyday life have caused a lot of anxiety for those not only in the B.C. region but also around the world.

One poll after the other shows that people are increasingly considering travel and getting antsy about wanting things to return to whatever normal they can.

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