A Collective Experience of Stress from COVID-19

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Millions of us are experiencing incredible stress that COVID-19 has brought on. It might be because of losing a loved one, being separated from friends and family, the financial difficulty, the uncertainty of when things might get back to normal.

The reality is that there are many who are struggling. If you are feeling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty just know that you are not alone. According to a recent survey, Stress In America: January 2021 Stress Snapshot, there are many feeling the same.

There is no one who is immune to what has been going on, though some might show that they are better at dealing with it than others. Individuals around the world are experiencing incredible stress, at different levels, and it is something that we have in common unfortunately.

Health experts have reminded people that it is important to practice some self-care routines, try to find some way to balance that stress and combat that anxiety in positive ways.

Canadians are feeling stressed, anxious, and they are lonely.

To combat some of that loneliness there are various community projects that have sprung up to try and fill the void. For many in the community, especially seniors, they’ve been extremely isolated over the last year and that has fueled significant depression and loneliness in that community.

One estimate suggested that about 6 in 10 Canadians right now might be experiencing some mental health issues. For many of them it is anxiety that is the most prominent issue, followed by stress, depression, and addiction.

Some of the suggestions health experts have made to people when it comes to battling the anxiety from the pandemic are:

  • to maintain a regular rhythm or schedule


Maintaining those healthy habits for some can be easier said than done. Health experts have consistently reiterated the importance of staying active, staying eating right, and trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible while navigating our way through this.

For those of us who have someone to talk to and go through it with it can be much easier, less lonely than those who are going through it all alone and who have no one to turn to.

Isolation even has some turning to more cannabis and alcohol. But while there are some who have increased their drinking habits there are others who have done the opposite and looked to make a complete change on that front.

The ease of those travel restrictions and changes to business and everyday life cannot come soon enough, with many who will be eager to get out and enjoy the nicer weather for spring and summer.

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  1. Thank you, Rachel, for letting us know this:
    “there are others who have done the opposite and looked to make a complete change…”
    excellent news that some are using this challenging time to make changes for the better in their lives, which will, in the end, help make life better for all of us.

    Stay safe up there, Rachel!

    Smiles from sunny San Diego, California,

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