Too Many Still Struggle And Are Worried They Won’t Be Able to Pay Rent

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Since COVID-19 there have been millions of Canadians who lost their job, are struggling and who can’t pay rent. All across the nation there are many who have struggled to keep up with affording only the basics like utilities, shelter, and food. For those who couldn’t afford rent and are still struggling and finding that they can’t pay rent, there has been some help with eviction bans and financial stimulus.

Some might have taken the time last year to save up funds if they could, if they were lucky enough to have work the entire year, but for others it was very difficult.

Millions of Canadians believe that they will forever be a renter because they cannot imagine ever being in a good enough financial situation to afford a good home. It’s a story that young adults are concerned with around the country, those who are longing for a home of their own to homestead and grow a family.

Some of those eviction moratoriums have been extended which has caused many problems for landlords, they’ve also asked for evictions to be accelerated once those bans might be lifted.

Across different areas of B.C. there is one piece of legislation after the other that had been introduced to try and deal with the problem of people being unable to pay their rent. Despite the concern of those protections being lifted, there are some who say that B.C. isn’t at risk of a title wave of evictions taking place.

Just recently, B.C. also made the decision to extend the rent freeze until the end of this year, they will also allegedly increase protections against those evictions or ‘demovictions’ as they’ve been referred to which are increasingly common over the last several years.

Various community groups and organizations have called on the government for more protection for tenants, along with rent increase caps, a moratorium on evictions, and more stimulus help.

For those who can’t pay rent in Vancouver now or some other B.C. area, it might be hard to see a way out of that situation with a real estate market that just seems to keep climbing. Not only that but prices for other goods and services are also increasing, it’s consistently pushing people to look further outward for more affordable regions.

The truth is that those earning a local income, for many of them, it’s becoming increasingly unaffordable. It’s a story that is shared with millions in expensive cities around the world, Vancouver being one of those most expensive cities to live in.

Though COVID-19 might have fueled a bit of a rent decrease, about 8.7 percent of a drop across the country, the lower mainland is still one of those high price areas that many families here are struggling to keep up with.

Not only is COVID-19 bringing its own stress with separation from family, friends, and a disruption of daily life and activities, but it is also bringing stress with the thought for many that they now can’t pay rent either.

The more that Canadians struggle just to afford the basics means the more they are likely to grow unsatisfied with life as that suffering increases.

With more people out there who are looking to get more space for their dollar, experts anticipate that more renters will look to the suburbs to find something suitable for them.

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