Tiny Home Shipping Container Village Proposed To Meet Temporary Housing Needs in Victoria

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It’s estimated that there are almost 2,000 people or more in the Victoria region that are living on the streets and living without a permanent dwelling to call their own.

For a new solution that might address the issue of housing needs in Victoria, a shipping container tiny village has been proposed.

A local non-profit in the region, Our Place Society, is working behind the management of the proposed project and it could soon become a reality in the Victoria region for those in need there.

If they go ahead and build this shipping container housing project in Victoria then that would mean as many as 30 people could be housed there, using at least 15 different shipping containers to complete the project.

Raising Thousands for The Cause

The Greater Vancouver Coalition to End Homelessness has been crowdfunding to try and raise funds that will help to cover the costs of the project. They have already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause. The temporary village concept in Victoria could go a long way to helping many in the area who need it desperately.

It could be completed in just a number of weeks and truly provide value in the way of offering a solution to those in the region who need a cleaner, warmer, and safer place to call home even if it is just temporary.

There are plenty of community donations that have been coming in to support this project and that shows many want to see it become a reality.

This transition tiny home shipping container village community in Victoria would be vital in offering people a temporary safe spot to land while working toward transitioning to something later on that is more permanent.

Not only is it going to offer somewhere clean and warm to sleep but there will also be security there as well and other resources.

Tiny Home Trend

Tiny home villages have been showing up in all areas around the U.S. and in other countries as people look for more affordable housing options.

As B.C. is one province with some of the most expensive cities to live in within the entire country, we could eventually see many more tiny village communities like this one become realized if they get proposed and approved.

Shipping container homes are believed to be more cost effective housing options and they have also been shown to be highly customizable, durable, and also resource efficient.

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  1. It is quite ridiculous that in first world economies individuals live on the streets without a roof over their head while billionaires pollute the planet by wanting to ride into space, something that should be reserved for professionals only. There is something very selfish, evil even, about a society that allows human individuals to suffer in such a way and this demonstrates clearly the need for system change.

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