The B.C. Legend Goes East: Triple O’s Expanding Now to Ontario

Triple O’s is a famous West Coast restaurant that is a spin-off from the longest running restaurant chain in the country which is White Spot. There are many different White Spot locations to be found, along with a growing number of Triple O’s restaurants as well. Now, they will be moving to the GTA with the first location opening this week in Mississauga.

Eventually they plan to have at least 30 different locations opened in that region. The location had previous plans to open last year but COVID-19 changed that and pushed things back a bit now.

They’ve finally managed to open their new restaurant and more will be coming to the GTA.

At the Triple O’s restaurants you can find a variety of items that you can also find from the White Spot menu. This is the fast food version and offers drive-thru and curbside pickup, which you can access using an app.

White Spot has earned recognition as being one of the best managed companies in the entire country and the quality of food and good service that you get when you go there is a clear reflection of that.

Although right now most of the locations are located in British Columbia and Alberta, it might not be that long before things change and we start to see more make their way across Canada. We can already see that happening with their plans to spread around the GTA area.

fried pickle chips with dill sauce

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