Millions in Funding Going Toward Strengthening Supply Chains in B.C.

There are many people in the lower mainland who are struggling to get by and make ends meet. COVID-19 brought about a significant disruption to the food chain as we know it, with many establishments looking to re-organize their supply chain because of it.

Now, experts are looking to also study the tri-cities food security chain to help address the needs in this community. And that isn’t the only region that is getting attention as far as the supply chain goes.

For the tri-cities region there is currently work underway that is attempting to assess the situation in that area as far as food insecurity in the tri-cities area goes.

They are trying to come up with a solution to help those people in the community meet their needs.

Consultants have recently been hired that are going to help develop a food asset map.

That isn’t all, they are also looking to eventually construct a digital platform that can share valuable information about local services in the tri-cities region.

They want to find any of the gaps in the current supply chain in this region, along with identifying possible opportunities for improvement. It is a situation that many jurisdictions have tackled with since COVID-19 hit and a great deal of supplies ran out or became difficult to find.

They will be looking for opportunities within the food network which includes food banks, farmers’ markets, and community gardens as well.

Looking to Boost the Local Food System

The Tri-Cities Food Council is behind the task and officials will be working to try and assess this issue in B.C., to see what might be able to be done about it. The more that they can identify possibilities to strengthen the local system then the more they protect themselves against a similar disruption like we saw last year.

Being close to Vancouver, the tri-cities region is already an expensive one to live in and many are struggling to meet their daily needs. Anything that can be done to help reduce poverty and help get them basic goods that they require is going to help the community and those who are in desperate need of help.

Despite issues around the world last year that we saw because of COVID-19, experts insist that B.C.’s food supply chain is strong. However, since COVID-19 now there is more attention and investment being focused on that local supply chain.

The provincial government of British Columbia recently announced that they would be giving over $14 million in funding to the manufacturing sector of the province. This is also supposed to include food and beverage processing too. Applications are reportedly being accepted for this purpose, and it would direct grants to help those manufacturers go about trying to build more resilient B.C. supply chains.

This effort is supposed to strengthen the local supply chains but at the same time it will help small and medium businesses. From scaling up to investing in new technologies, they are looking to do more to help and it comes at a time when many need it.

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  1. I have to get a feather this year.

    Last year so many blossoms fell off of the plants because there were not enough bees to pollinate them.

    I am looking forward to mixing pollination with lavender to strawberry.

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  2. Covid-19 has certainly highlighted many gaps in supply chains around the world I do hope this strengthens the importance of buying local which would be a plus coming out of Covid-19. Thank you for following CarolCooks2, Rachel 🙂

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