Growing Demand for Electric Vehicles in Canada

Vancouver is considered to be the greenest city in the country, and overall there are many people in the nation who are looking to make the transition to an electric vehicle.

Already, there are thousands of electric vehicles which have been sold, with many of them in areas like B.C. and Quebec. For example, Quebec has previously been seen as a leader for electric vehicle registration though the prevalence of these vehicles across other regions is now gaining traction.

One of the most popular electric vehicles in Canada is also considered to be the Chevy Volt.

Other top selling electric vehicles in Canada have been Teslas, the Kia Soul EV, Nissan Leaf, and more.

Some other options for the cheapest electric cars in Canada are considered to be cars like the Hyundai KONA, Kia Niro EV, Volkswagen e-Golf, Chevy Bolt, and BMW i3.

B.C. has had the highest per-capita EV sales in not only Canada but all of North America. Already there are more than 30,000 electric vehicles in the province.

B.C. Comes In 1st

There are now more electric vehicles in B.C. than there are in Quebec and California, showing an impressive trend that is growing on the West Coast.

It isn’t only thousands of individuals who are willing to buy in B.C. or Quebec either, recent surveys show that many Canadians plan to purchase an electric vehicle in the future.

One recent survey by KPMG discovered that about 68 percent of those in Canada had plans to make the switch to EV eventually. Sales in this area can be expected to increase over the years to come as more charging stations become available and it becomes easier to travel, along with more vehicle options in the market too at different price points.

A great number of Canadians will be looking for a cost effective option, according to that KPMG survey which showed that about 42 percent would like to keep it between $30-49k that they spend on the EV they go with.

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