Community Group Works To Pair Teens with Seniors to Help Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is impacting millions of people around the world as COVID-19 has disrupted our regular lives and separated us from our loved ones, family, and friends. For some individuals this has been harder to adjust to than others, especially for seniors in our communities who don’t have any family or friends living close to them that can help fill that void.

Many of their regular activities have been cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions and if they aren’t connected online then they might have an even more difficult time finding people in the community to connect to during this hard time.

A community group in Chilliwack, known as the Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society, is helping seniors and teens to connect by pairing lonely seniors with high school students for regular weekly chats. Those taking part in the program effort are forming these new bonds through phone calls, not just online virtual meetings.

So far at least 47 different teens have connected with 53 seniors for this community effort. The demand has been high for the program as a number of teens and seniors have already signed up and taken part.

Their website hosts details on free workshops for those that might want to learn new ways to support others in their community though. They also welcome volunteers and interest from the community in their services.

For some of those who have been connected through this community effort they might have made a friend that will last much longer than just a few days or weeks.

Most of all, it has brought a little bit of temporary light and happiness to those in their darkest hours right now, who are suffering with loneliness and don’t have anyone to talk to.

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