Lawmakers in Washington Urge Biden to Consider Immediate Reopening Of Border Between Canada and U.S.

The border between the United States and Canada has been closed for months and the current border closure has been extended until March 21st for now which would mark a full one year closure.

Non-essential travel was restricted and as a result the town of Blaine was quickly a ghost town, local businesses saw things evaporate in an instant when people couldn’t come down any longer. They didn’t factor a pandemic into their business plans and they probably couldn’t have foreseen that it would be at least a year or more that the border would be closed this way.

Crossings have decreased more than 90 percent and that is severely impacting the economy in the area.

Now, lawmakers in Washington are urging Biden to consider opening the border because of the way it has halted life for many in the region. Not only has it been difficult for business in the region but it has also separated friends, family, loved ones, and communities on either side too.

For businesses from Blaine to Bellingham and around the region, this has meant that millions of dollars from Canadian tourists isn’t coming in to the region.

Right now, travelers can only go across for essential trip purposes and must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test as well.

This is impacting local hotels in the Blaine region, mail box services, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and many others.

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