ICBC Rebate Cheques Are Expected To Start Rolling Out in March

ICBC is expected to soon start handing out their one-time rebate cheques to many who had car insurance last year. As a result of ICBC seeing fewer crashes overall and fewer claim costs, they are issuing these one-time rebate cheques to drivers, with exceptions for those with short-term, storage, or distance-based policies, whose premiums, they say, already reflect lower usage.

The average amount that drivers see in those cheques could be $190 for the pandemic rebate.

Some could see several hundred coming, perhaps as much as $400.

This insurance rebate is coming at a time when many are struggling and need that extra income. As many as 2.8 million British Columbia residents might be getting this rebate or more.

Those cheques are expected to start being sent out in March.

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