B.C. Health Officials Warn Residents to Stay Small and Local for Spring Break

With spring break fast approaching B.C. health officials have warned residents that they should look to keep it small and stay local for spring break 2021.

Despite not being able to travel to a number of places and being encouraged to stay at home, there are still a variety of things that you can do right at home, with family or those who you live with.

Support Small Vancouver Business

With the Dine Out Vancouver and Taste of Tri-Cities going on right now, it is the perfect time to try some food or drinks from a small business in your area.

You might order a few cocktails from a local bar, or an iced coffee for brunch with some french toast from a local cafe. These are businesses that need help right now and support from the community.

Now is a great time to plan a staycation and pick one or two of those venues and support whoever you can.

Hundreds of businesses around Vancouver are taking part in the Dine Out Vancouver 2021 and so are dozens of businesses involved with Taste of Tri-Cities as well.

It is a chance to try something new and also save money while doing it, get to know more great businesses in your own community. From Vancouver to Port Moody, Coquitlam and other areas, there are hundreds of businesses to find right now that are eager to see new patrons and get new support during this spring break.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Many places are offering dine-in experiences right now but if you are not comfortable with that yet then you could always take it to go or get delivery. There are a variety of third party delivery apps right now in the lower mainland that delivery everything from 7-Eleven to Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, Wendys, Panago, Subway, and others.

Have Fun At Home

You can still have fun right at home. Play some games with the family or those who you live with. Go for a walk to a local park and see the spring sights, flowers starting to bloom. Get virtual and have a chat with friends or play some games online with friends. You could order a pizza and watch some streaming movies online, there are dozens of ways to stay safe and still have a great time this spring break.

If you want to get out and enjoy the warmer weather this spring break then think to stay local and try to make reservations before going out. Many places right now are requiring that you book tickets and tables in advance or you cannot gain access to some services, such as lift tickets for skiing or garden passes if you want to visit a botanical garden etc. Masks are also going to be required in many places still.

If you aren’t sure on where to grab a bite to eat then consider looking at the Taste of Tri-Cities list or Dine Out Vancouver to see who is participating and support those who might be struggling right now and looking for some extra support from the community.

There might be many who book a stay at a local hotel and choose to support the local economy in this small way as well during spring break. There are many businesses in the community that cater to these hotels and they are all struggling because of the drastic downturn in tourism for Vancouver, with the lack of guests booking stays, and it is impacting other cities around B.C. too.

However, B.C. officials still urge you to try and avoid non-essential travel which is travel for entertainment or tourism. They are saying that you shouldn’t look to travel for a vacation right now, don’t plan to travel between regions of the province, you’re supposed to stay local right now. This doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to get creative and fun with doing during spring break this year.

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  1. I have come to find that staying local and supporting the small business around here is just as much if not more fun-because I can just go home later-and they definitely appreciate the patronage.


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