Ski Season Staying Busy In B.C.

The many ski destinations in British Columbia have been getting increasingly busy for weeks now. If you are looking to go to Whistler or one of the other destinations then you will want to look up any new COVID-19 changes they might have made, as far as scheduling and masks go etc.

Not only that, but you will also want to look up the possibility of booking your lift tickets far in advance.

A number of weekends have already seen tickets sold out.

There is booming demand for skiing and snowboarding right now. After people have been locked up at home for months with the COVID-19 lockdowns, they are looking to get out and do something new. Snowboarding and skiiing offer that chance to still stay socially distanced and get out for some exercise.

Health officials in B.C. though are still encouraging people to stay local and avoid non-essential travel.

Anyone who is going to be headed up to the mountain is warned to know about the current protocols in place and if you don’t follow them then that could mean being booted from the mountain. Travelers that had been looking to come skiing from outside of B.C. have been warned to avoid interprovincial travel and to stay home if it isn’t essential travel.

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