Staying Close To Home This Spring Break

Spring break is coming up soon and many will be looking to plan a little getaway. With the border still closed between the United States and Canada for non-essential travel, and with many other travel restrictions still in place, it has never been a better time to plan a staycation and do something right at home.

Many local hotels are struggling and the small businesses in the community that cater to them are also struggling because of it. They are used to getting millions of tourists in Vancouver on a yearly basis and that all changed after COVID-19.

The restaurant industry and hotel industry have been some of the hardest hit in the last year. There are many businesses that need help right now and need community support.

Instead of traveling away somewhere else for spring break, now is a great time to stay close to home and support small businesses in your community.

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It could be a small bakery, cafe, restaurant, brewery, there are many to choose from that could use the help.

Health officials still advise avoiding non-essential travel, in other words don’t travel for a vacation.

Stay Local Right Now

Camping reservations will be opening soon though. And if you are looking to do something new and still stay close to home, a staycation might be what many have in mind. This way you can support your local tourism industry but still stay in your own community while doing it.

From all of the damage that was inflicted on the local tourism industry in the Vancouver, British Columbia region it could essentially take years to fully recover from this. While there are many businesses that have invested and tried to adapt to the ever-changing rules surrounding lockdowns etc, others have been forced to close for good.

For Tourism Vancouver it has been reported that at least 98 percent of the group’s members had seen a decrease in revenue because of the hit to the industry.

A variety of businesses have been crushed and not just those you’d expect like hotels and restaurants nearby the water or airport, it is also small businesses as well that serve these venues. No doubt many are hoping that 2021 will bring some much-needed business back when they need it most.

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