Tri-Cities Participant Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill

Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill is one of the many participants in the Tri-City area food fest which is a spin off of the Dine Out Vancouver 2021 festival, a popular event that has been ongoing for years as the biggest food and drink festival in Canada.

For the Tri-City Food Fest, or Taste of the Tri-Cities its called, now there are roughly 50 different venues across Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam, involved. All of those who joined up are looking to take part in this festival and gain some new attention from the community as a result. They want to get new patrons to come by and need all the help that they can get right now as many have been struggling through COVID-19.

The festival is ongoing and one venue or another is offering discounts, or special items as a part of the festival.

You can see the list of participating places right here for those taking part this year.

The Tate of the Tri-Cities festival 2021 is ongoing until March 19th and there are dozens of venues looking to offer special deals and great snacks and treats. Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill is one of those places. Their souvlaki meal has been highlighted for this event.

This small business and local restaurant make a variety of delicious dishes including Greek cuisine, Afghan, and Indian. Their chicken souvlaki dish comes with rice, chicken, tzatziki, lemon, pita, potato, and is served fresh.

They offer a variety of snack choices like spring rolls or samosas, along with other popular dishes like the souvlaki and others. You can find chicken, beef, goat, and seafood here. The prices are reasonable and this is a great community business to support.

Throughout COVID-19 they’ve launched an initiative to give back to first responders and those who are suffering and in need in the community. Through their social media platform they’ve announced that they have given away hundreds of meals over the last year since COVID-19 first hit.

They not only offer high quality food that tastes like it is fresh and home-cooked, but they also look after those in their community and have given generously back to those in need over the past year.

If you are looking for one of those restaurants taking part in the Taste of the Tri-Cities food fest 2021 to support then consider grabbing a meal at Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill because you cannot go wrong with the prices, quality, and variety they offer.

If you are craving greek food, pizza, chicken wings, samosas or some other Indian dish, then try Jamila’s Kitchen & Grill in Coquitlam because this is a small restaurant business that makes delicious food.

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