An Easier Way Up To SFU With The Burnaby Mountain Gondola

There has been discussion for years about a gondola eventually coming to Simon Fraser University. There is a lot of student traffic that comes up from the bus or skytrain and having that gondola would make it a lot easier during the winter months, rather than having the bus climb up the steep hill.

The gondola has been painted as a more efficient transportation option up the mountain and to the university. It is a plan that many are in support of and if you are one of those people then you too can show your support for the project.

How To Show Your Support For Burnaby Mountain Gondola Project

You can peacefully voice your support with the Burnaby city council who would be behind the changes moving forward. It’s suggested that those in favor of the Burnaby Mountain Gondola share their stories about transportation with the mayor or council in the region. This is easy to do online.

This could include why you might be in support of the project or how you have experienced transportation so far as a student etc. If there are enough people who are in favor of the project then that could do more good in the way of helping it to move forward.

Translink previously conducted a study which allegedly discovered there was a compelling case for a future with a Burnaby Mountain Gondola becoming a real thing. Though it has been talked about for years now, there is reason to think that this could happen one day and eventually become a viable alternative to the bus traffic that goes up and down the mountain with thousands of students every day.

Show Your Support With #BurnabyGondola Tag

If you are interested in seeing this project move forward then share your story and solidarity with others. Others who are in favor of the project have been encouraged to start sharing their support under the tags #BurnabyGondola and tweeting SFU, Translink, and the CityofBurnaby directly, with their various transportation stories.

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