Princess Cruises Trying to Preserve Some of 2021 Cruise Season

COVID-19 has been devastating to the cruise industry and meant that not only have millions of people had to end their trip plans, but thousands of jobs have been lost as well. Cruise ships have been prevented in many areas still from taking off as usual for their journeys. And just recently Princess Cruises again had to review their operations and make the call to cancel a variety of voyages that were planned to go ahead soon from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers are coming through Vancouver every single year. Through the Port of Vancouver there are hundreds of cruise ships that might come in a single year to the area. But that all came to a stop when the lockdown happened and COVID-19 spread across the world.

Recently Princess Cruises has decided that they are going to cancel voyages including a 7-day Alaska voyage, and others.

They are still allegedly engaged with officials at the moment, with both the United States and Canada, to try and save some of the 2021 cruise season. With vaccine prevalence increasing and some lockdown restrictions changing slowly, there might be some hope yet left in the season that perhaps all trips won’t need to be cancelled.

They might not have to say goodbye to all of the Canada cruise trips, Alaska cruise trips, and those around New England.

Many cities with ports are highly connected to the tourism industry, with hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to areas like Anchorage, Vancouver, and other regions, by sailing on a cruise. Those restaurants, hotels, and other venues, are all suffering right now because of the decrease in business. Princess Cruises and others in this industry have been working hard at preparing the ships for return to service as usual and there is hope that this day will come soon, perhaps we might see full sailings by next year.

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