7-Eleven May Start Selling Alcohol Soon In Canadian Locations

If you have been driving down to Washington to do some grocery shopping over the years then you might be familiar with the convenience of purchasing your alcoholic beverages right there when you do your grocery shopping. In recent years Safeway has also brought this convenience forward with their mixed grocery store/liquor store operations. And now 7-Eleven might also be looking to offer the same.

7-Eleven is currently waiting for approval on a liquor sales license that would give the store approval for selling wine and beer from dozens of its locations around the lower mainland. They will be looking to not only test out this concept in BC, but also be testing out some alcohol delivery services in other areas of Canada. You might see trained servers eventually offering those beer or wine beverages and it will be locally made supply options as well.

Given that 7-Eleven is an all-hours operation they will be limiting the sales of alcoholic drinks. However, with those shorter hours they still hope to attract customers who might be looking for some good drinks and fresh food items, all with the convenience of delivery.

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